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April 2nd  my calves and bottom of feet easing, it is a weird experience but as a result my balance is again very bad and this makes walking much more difficult. I think the feet have NOT yet told the brain that I am improving or is it the other way round. Any brain specialists out there !

April 22nd  slowly improving, balance getting back to where it was before and generally more overall fitness.. So much so , that we are going on holiday to northern France and Amsterdam, so there will be no news for next two weeks,
May 13th        I now realise that holidays are good for you, we drove nearly 1500 miles , strange roads, bicycles and trams in every direction in Holland and being out of my comfort zone was challenging and good for me, So ADD holidays  to my therapies
. So I have improved, my feet have released a little, I am stronger and I am so much more POSITIVE. Half of this recovery is physical and the other physological.

May 24th am now thinking that I am now only 20% damaged and am determined to get on with my life as normal as possible with a full recovery by the end of the summer. ( if possible but if not I will continue to work for improvement, )   keep smiling. played 6 holes golf today , brilliant

At least I can still enjoy my work, it is a good distraction technique !      when I am fully better,another 40 weeks or next March   , I will give more information on my various therapy treatments, Many thanks to all the dedicated team helping me. ( chiropractor, yoga teacher, stroke neurological  physiotherapist,  reflexologist, and best of all, my darling Angela. )plus nutritionist  and lastly  moi as I am doing all the exercising, walking , sitting on a gym ball, eating the best food, lots of water, a few vitamin pills etc  ) + swimming  I do not want to do this again. I could so easily have ended up in a wheel chair  !   DO NOT HESITATE TO TELEPHONE ME IF AFTER TAKING A STATIN YOU HAVE A PROBLEM WITH YOUR WALKING, TINGLING IN YOUR FEET, ACHING  IN YOUR FEET, FUNNY SENSATIONS UNDER YOUR FEET. ETC ETC GENERAL TIREDNESS, EXHAUSTION  PLUS problems with arms and shoulders plus . ANY THING THAT CHANGES AFTER TAKING THE STATIN.   just for your information I include three web sites you MUST read ( you may have to write these down as they may not go through )






         this is really good site, see what he has written about  ladies
                                                                             and statins... not necessary at all
June 7th  I continue to improve, walking better, 6 holes of golf at a time now > I have a new physio, thank you Carol, you are brilliant and making me work hard on my recovery, special walking and balance exercises three times a day , every day. It is hard  but well worth the effort. My target is to be back to normal at the end of November.  watch this space!  I am like a ballet dancer now, up on my toes ! Carol is retiring before Christmas and says that I will be better before she retires. Promises.. promises.?

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