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UPDATE DECEMBER 17TH 2008     this new system of only doing exercise on alternate days
is really working and at the same time I have at last  come to terms  and I am at ease with my self and have let go all the anquish and hate that I have felt over the statins, my bad treatment or lack of it etc etc. This has all been banished from my dystem I can talk about it all and not get knotted up with anger in side me. It is a marvellous release, I also have amarvellous new Doctor who is very supportive.                      It is all coming together and I am making progress forward all the time. day by day.   I think it is still going to take a long time for all the nerves to heal in my feet.  
I am hoping that it is only part of the healing process but   I am having an interesting time each evening and first thing in the morning as I have tremendous twitching in the legs, restless leg syndrome.. it is really very violent and drives me out of bed each morning.   I think it is the nerves that at last have arrived at the bottom of the feet and are having trouble getting through the ankle to the toes, so twitch around instead     However what do I know about it, I seem to be making up my own treatment as we go along. and am happy to say that my  form of treatment is working.
Walking along a pavement in truro this week I was walking so fast that I actually overtook other pedestrians. I coulld hardly believe what I was doing as I have not been able to do that for a very long time
From Jan 1st 2009 my new address will be www.islesofscillyholidayflats.co.uk

Thank you for reading this, I hope that if you are on statins or have a friend on statins that may be giving you problems.. that this story will give you hope.  A very happy Christmas and New year.
 My target for 2009  1) inprove my physical fitness
                                    2)   see a new neurologist and see if there is anything that will help me improve
                                    3)   final closure to my statin story with my feet back to normal
                                    4) keep smiling

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