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June 7th  I continue to improve, walking better, 6 holes of golf at a time now > I have a new physio, thank you Carol, you are brilliant and making me work hard on my recovery, special walking and balance exercises three times a day , every day. It is hard  but well worth the effort. My target is to be back to normal at the end of November.  watch this space!  I am like a ballet dancer now, up on my toes ! Carol is retiring before Christmas and says that I will be better before she retires. Promises.. promises.?

jUNE 27TH 2007  more improvement , my balance and walking is improving but my feet are still very numb but I can at least now feel pain in them !  I stubbed my toe today! probably another toe nail to loose !      JULY 1st onwards to date......pride comes before a fall..... I am doing some very strong exercises to stimulate toes , feet and calves... result my walking is all over the place, very strong sensations under my feet, toes  very tender, it is like having a pencil under my right  foot today.. very strange sensations. so frustrating as I am not able to walk very far.. must be positive and hope that this means that the neuropathy is releasing and it is all for the good.

Alex my chiropractor has given me some mental excercise to try to re-train the brain so that my brain will connect back down to the feet.. it is a little odd and anxious times at the moment. This is my 27th week since I am in positive recovery, ( 13th  july I am improving)
 Monday 9th July. all these odd sensations have gone away so far this morning, and walking easier, will try a walk later.    I do not recommend anyone to suffer from this C.I.D.P but at least there is a chance that I will recover.!
Friday 13th   light at the end of a very difficult few weeks, this morning all my toes moved on my left foot and I was able to play 9 holes of golf before exhaution over took me! interesting also that my recovery time is much quicker now  
   Saturday 21st July at the end of the best week I have had for a  year! three mornings of yoga and another 9 holes of golf yesterdayand MY NUMBNESS IN THE FEET APPEARS TO HAVE EASED CONSIDERABLY.! too easy and too early  to be jumping for joy but I do seem to have moved forwards in a big way. 

Friday 27th July 2007  10 holes of Golf I am in positive recovery and how good it feels, it was I think 15th July 2006 last year when I had to stop playing at all, so I am moved forward in a big way !

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