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july  2008
    I am so much more positive, thanks to 18 months of hard work, I now do an hour of exercises at home  every day,,,,, thanks to this, my body is strong enough , so that  I can play 18 holes golf twice a week, plus yoga, reflexology and the odd walk adding up to an average of 10 thousand steps a day. plus mowing the lawn and some gardening ( this is hard work )    it is remarkable and possible due to playing golf with  a battery golf bag trolley  and going for walks with two  walking poles. these give me the stability to walk well . My feet are also slowly  releasing from the  numbness.
     to anyone else in my situation, please carry on with the exercises, it is really worth while, just talk to me on the telephone for some encouragement
    for me personally , it has been a huge help over the last two years plus two months to write this blog , I make no apologies for the frustration and bitterness that may come out in my words, it has been important to move from this phase to one of forgiveness and moving forward. This is my current state  and I am moving forward hopefully at an increasing rate..   Have decided to go back to Lasko in Slovenia for more treatment in September / october.
I am so much better and able to enjoy life in spite of numb or semi numb feet so Slovenia is on hold and we are going to France in October.    There seem to be two side of this recovery  
    1)  physical  exercise I do an hour of feet and core exercise each morning plus the golf, yoga
                 walking etc
    2 )   the mumbo jumbo bit  of persuading my brain to connect to the feet and  now the bad news....
 a real set back   ( I am writing this on Tuesday 14th October,)
the last 3 weeks have been really dreadful , yet I am still trying hard to keep positive.
  Sat 20th September I woke up with my feet really numb all day and in tthe feet, the SOCK SYNDROME has come back, it feels as if the skin is covered with an extra layer of skin, or a glove or a sock .
by Tuesday 30th Sept this sock syndrome has come back to just below my knees in both legs, it was like this in december 2006 two years ago and then it just stopped and went away. so why it has come back I have now idea. it is really worrying as I wake up each morning and wonder what is going to be thrown at me now.
Monday 6th October it now feels as if there is a pencil under my left foot. this makes walking hard. I am becoming unstable and it is only due to my fitness that I am still able to stay upright. !
Tuesday 14th Oct , pencil feeling plus sock syndrome plus numbness, I am almost in trouble as my balance is now severely affected.
Good news and it has given me great heart is that I received a fan email message this morning, congratulating me on my positivity,  thank you sir very much indeed.. I am  not at all happy about this as I was doing so well  and nothing has changed in my  daily life.
I am going to contact the C.I.D.P. and Guillaime Barre website as they run a help line and I am sure they will be able to offer some advice. My situation  is a complicated one with the statin damage then moving to a Vertigo attack ( stroke) and then onwards into CIDP , you can look it all up under google and if you do, remember all of this came from a prescribed medecine. Do remember that all drugs have side effects.
I am hoping that the next time I write this in a few weeks I will have improved and back onto the path of  positive recovery, I have been blown a bit off course.
thanks for reading this and please pass on the message of being careful about prescribed drugs especially statins       friday 17th october 21.35 pm
I AM SO MUCH BETTER, back to normal from knees upwards but  still problems down below with my calves and feet just that little bit stiffer than before. I have spent hours on the net looking up about my condition. It appears that CIDP is either CHRONIC PROGRESSIVE OR  RELAPSING AND REMITTING. THE LATTER MUST BE ME, SO IT WOULD APPEAR THAT i AM NOW IN REMISSION.  I am learning more and more each day. The brilliant news is that I played 18 holes of golf today and WON.  odd that 2 weeks ago I could just do 9 holes. and the sun shone on the course as well today
So i am back to positive recovery and next time I am RELAPSING I hope I will be better prepared to deal with it.    keep smiling and thanks for reading all of this, never forget that STATINS may be good for some but like all drugs they have side effects, take great care !

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