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NOVEMBER 2006 PERIPHERAL NEUROPATHY.. my feet and calves numb.MY TOES WILL NOT MOVE THEY ARE SOLID.  . it makes walking very difficult.       WALKING WITH A STICK FOR 6 MONTHS  UNTIL  March 1st 2007   stopped the stick and very gradual improvement through from then until now Sept 1st 2007  I can now play 9 holes golf , so I think I am half way recovered.    THE REASON FOR WRITING THIS BLOG IS TO INFORM AND ADVISE THAT ANY DRUG INCLUDING STATINS CAN HAVE SIDE EFFECTS AND CAN DO YOU A GREAT DEAL OF HARM        please read on as the last 17 months have been very difficult for me. ONE OF THE HUGE PROBLEMS IS THAT YOUR DOCTOR WILL ALMOST CERTAINLY  THINK THAT THE CAUSE OF YOUR PROBLEM IS PERHAPS PARKINSONS, M.S OR M.E. AND WILL SEND YOU OF FOR LOTS OF BLOOD TESTS AND MAY BE GIVE YOU MORE PILLS.  BY ALL MEANS HAVE ALL THE TESTS JUST TO CHECK BUT REMEMBER IT COULD BE THE STATIN GIVING YOU ALL THE PROBLEMS. do not be afraid to have a statin holiday and see if your problems go away. It would be great if your Doctor would agree to do this and you could work in harmonywith you  but remember he is paid a bonus to give you the statin in the first place !             this is what happened to me, ...........

,  I have had the misfortune to have had an A.D.R.  This is a major problem i.e.   ten thousand people die    in this country each  year from an Adverse Drug Reaction A.D.R.  and another 30 thousand plus      are damaged > I am  one of these thirty thousand !   8 weeks on a statin  only.from 15-05-06.. walking all over the  place..tingling, jelly legs, not able to play golf....then a vertigo attack 04-08-2006  now classified as a stroke ! .down to walking 100 yards  only 1-09-2006.. then 4 months later Peripheral Neuropathy.dec 2006 ..my feet are numb from just below the knees, the calves, through the  ankles to the toes.     P.N.( peripheral neuropathy )   is according to the internet  not treatable , no cure, no treatment but  there is a chance that the nerve ends will grow back maybe after 12 months!  I should confirm that before the bad drug reaction I was easily able to play golf twice a week plus 3 to 6 miles a week walking. I am 65 years of age, now 66 and coming up to 67   in may 2008.   If you are bored, the current news is at the end, so please SCROLL DOWN
       ps  the good news is that I am fighting back and now have movement in the toes
  of my right leg  4th January 2007.  watch this space as I continue the hard work of recovery . I am talking to my nerve ends plus many other treatments, I AM IN POSITIVE RECOVERY.  P.R.

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