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Saturday 3RD  FEBRUARY  movement on toes left foot!   Monday 20th February more movement in left foot toes      all this grief  possibly as a result of taking a pill( statin ) that is supposed to do good and improve health but not in every case ! beware. BEWARE     BEWARE
March 1st Thursday,    I can walk without my stick. I am over the moon, improvements every day
March 11th I have a diagnosis , I have C.I.D.P which is chronic inflammatory demyelinating polyneuropathy, look at      www.gbs.org.uk            my medics seem to think thay I should be in a wheelchair and have not helped. I have done all the work myself ! and  I am in positive recovery and slowly recovering THANKS    to lots of hard work, exercise etc. I am told that my feet and lower legs are 40% damaged by the neuropathy.
March 17th  2007 more progress, the pad under my right foot next to toes has become alive ! THIS IS THE SOCK OR GLOVE SYNDROME. and today I have just  completed a 3 mile walk.... it took 1 1/2  hours and so far today my pedometer says 10112 steps which is about 4 miles. so it has taken me 6 1/2  months to recover from 100 yards to 4 miles... not bad for an old 'un!     I am thrilled with my progress but still have a long way to go.
March 18th and 19th   my calves are really stiff  but I am proud of my self. P.R.  positive recovery
March 23rd    swimming and exercises in a swimming pool   ,, seems to help

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