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OCTOBER TO NOVEMBER TO DECEMBER 2007 THROUGH TO  8th  JANUARY 2008, I am in so many ways a happy bunny, I continue to do my daily exercises, my daily walking charts my walking, my feet and toes are still NUMB or in some sort of progree between total numbness and normality.   IT IS A REALLY STRANGE FEELING,  but the important news is that my life has now a far greater degree of normality.   My body and general fitness levels are such that I can play 19 holes of golf !* plus the 19th to recover ! , I can go out for a 3 mile walk, do yoga etc, put the dustbins out etc. I continue to improve...

How much more improvement ?  how long is a piece of string ?      I have no idea?  remember that in march 2007 following  the electrical test on my feet, the medical  results showed that my feet  were damaged to such a degree that my DOCTOR and the NEUROLOGIST , BOTH THOUGHT THAT I should be in a WHEELCHAIR.

and the previous day I had discarded my walking stick as I thought I was becoming too dependant on it and must walk on my own !  I look back now and realise what a mess I was in, and how little strength I had in my feet and body.

SO IF YOU  ARE IN A REALLY BAD WAY, AND WISH TO BE ABLE TO WALK BETTER,  THINK ABOUT A FEW IDEAS... positive thinking    you will get better, 

1) is it the pills you are taking that are causing your walking problems.
2) buy a pedometer, see how many steps you take in a day, keep a note of it and at the end of a week, set yourself a target of plus 10% steps in the following week. and so on!
3) think about doing a few basic CORE exercises to improve your basic body strength., add some simple swimming, any physio or personal trainer will advise on core exercises. OR TRY   www.RONJONES.ORG and click onto exercise diary and core exercises.  or if in trouble  contact me and I will send you my list of very basic exercises.            IMPROVED FITNESS AND LOSING A FEW POUNDS IN WEIGHT IS VITAL.   AND A REAL DESIRE TO CONTINUE AT IT DAY AFTER DAY.  in my case it is now exactly one year since I started with my basic core exercises and I think that I will continue a daily  set of exercises. If I can do it, so can you !      53 weeks now...........it is still very strange as my feet are still so very solid and numb but at the same time I am getting better, I can dance around on my toes ( for a few minutes)   this is a real achievement.

For all details and prices FOR THE FLATS ( OR a chat on STATINS )   please telephone 01872 863537
or e-mail us               tim@scillybilly.co.uk

it is really kind of you to read down this far, it has been hugely beneficial to me being able to write this blog and I hope that it may alert you to the fact that statins are not the best thing since  slice bread!     You might also like to look at       www.patrickholford.com    he suggests to lower cholesterol  you might look at NIACIN     . I would add plenty of fresh vegetables and fruit, buy a PEDOMETER   and aim for  10 thousand steps a day. plus lots of water every day. and throw away the pills.  REMEMBER THERE IS SOMETIMES AN ALTERNATIVE TO PILLS., YOU HAVE TO HAVE THE COURAGE TO ASK AND LOOK ON THE INTERNET.

all the views in this web site are my own, so you must make up your own mind on any of the matters mentioned. !

....come to Scilly for a spring taster few days, we are the specialists for  short breaks out of season, February and march up to easter  is our
current target area.WALKING HOLIDAYS  .. WALKING BOATING AND FRESH AIR AND A FABULOUS SEA VIEW FROM ONE OF OUR FLATS. SCILLY HAS A WALKING WEEK AT EASTER 2008 ask the tourist information office on 017204 22536  or www.simplyscilly.co.uk     I forgot to mention that we have a few vacancies.throughout the winter.

.BUT PLEASE BE VERY CAREFUL ABOUT STATINS.  Did you read Dr Le Fanu in Sunday Telegraph 18th March and ongoing  articles. he is saying " have a statin holiday for a few weeks and just see if you improve "  if of course you are having any problems, do watch out for any numbness in the feet   or arms or shoulders.
 SATURDAY 1ST DECEMBER 2007, so it is time for an update. I have now played 18 holes of golf 3 times and I am playing the best golf of my life 26 handicap, it is really odd since my feet are still very numb, my calves numb at times, toes on my left feet hardly move at all  ! My balance is improving but could still be better.    I still play golf once a week plus weekly yoga, daily walking and exercises plus various therapies such a reflexology,  physiotherapy, hydrotherapy, plus Alex Grant.
My target is 2 rounds of golf in one week, there is no doubt that FITNESS is the key to this. Make your body as strong as possible and then carry one with normal a life as possible.  I will be starting in a gym in January.        POSITIVE RECOVERy
DECEMBER 2007 to today 28th February 2008, I continue to improve, slowly but slowly, golf , yoga and walking but it is difficult as my feet are still now semi numb and it seems to me that it is the body fitness and positivity that is propelling me forwards...... am now into accupuncture

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