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4 weeks later Thursday 11th October 2007  yesterday I played 13 holes of golf!  so what you will say but 4 weeks ago I could only manage 9 holes.  SO a  40 % improvement  after my treatment and remember that Sept 2006 I could only walk 100 yards. !     I am delighted with my progress, many thanks to the professional staff at Lasko, for 7 days I enjoyed each morning in quick succession 30 mins reflexology, then 60 mins massage on my feet and legs, plus 15 mins walking exercises to improve my balance and then 30 mins in the gym on a cycling machine plus walking and stepping machine.

in the afternoon it was swimming plus exercises in the pool ( water 32 degrees )  whatever you may think, this alternative therapy has worked wonders for me, my walking is much easier, I am fitter and stronger... so point me in the direction of a gym !    I also had one treatment of the BOWEN technique invented in Australia and this seems to have good benefits, so tomorrow Friday 12th october I am going to Penzance for a further set of 4 treatments.......watch this space I will report back.

FRIDAY 19TH OCTOBER  last monday 2nd treatment of BOWEN,   Wednesday 2 hours YOGA and today   16 yes 16 holes of golf and I played really well and this afternoon in the Hydro Therapy pool for water exercises. I think that I am frightening the neuropathy away by all this exercise and positive thinking. My pedometer today says  16109 steps or      9.66 kilometers , the most so  far yet my feet are still really numb. but it changes throughout the day ! odd. !  

           One of the secrets of recovery seems to be positivity, I am in positive recovery even if I seem to have to go backwards before moving forwards... recovery from neurological problems is not easy..     SO I SAY AGAIN I AM NOT AN EXPERT AT STATINS BUT IF YOU ARE TAKING ONE AND HAVE ANY UNUSUAL PROBLEMS, shaking, pins and needles, difficulty walking, exhaustion tiredness etc, problems with arms or shoulders  THEN TAKE A STATIN HOLIDAY AND SEE IF YOU GO BACK TO NORMAL, then make up you own mind  if you wish to take any more statin , then  do not take simvastatin, insist on the original statin. and insist that your medical advisor  HAS A POSITIVE ATTITUDE ... negativity is no good at all ! keep smiling. it was the sinvastatin that did me in good and proper.REMEMBER THAT ALL DRUGS ARE POISONS AND THEY ALL HAVE SIDE EFFECTS., so do read all the small print printed inside the box in which you will find your pills. Read very carefully.  I cannot emphasis how important it is to have a really positive attitude when dealing with any illness ... I am in positive recovery and keep smiling and RECOVERING
I had another piece of good news last week in that people recovering from peripheral neuropathy ( the damaged nerves in the legs and feet slowly recover themselves ) may take one year or two years to recover or it has been known to take 3 or even 4 years.  I am in my 40th  week since I started to improve and since I am an optimist am hoping that by next Easter march 2008 I may be back to normal... will let you know in due course. I am going back to Lasko in April but the emphasis there is that my condition is incurable and I may have some slight nerve improvement but the best way forward is to be positive, loose weight and get fit and strong in the body. It is humbling to be in a treatment room with 4  wheel chair users being lifted onto the massage beds and then massaged by two therapists , one on each leg.

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