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March 1999 News Paper archive

The Mirror, John Altman + Ross Kemp 30/3/99

News of the World, Michael Greco & Angela Griffin 28/3/99

Sunday Mirror, Ross Kemp 28/3/99

The Mirror, Michael Greco 27/3/99

The Mirror, Ross Kemp 26/3/99

The Mirror, Patsy Palmer 25/3/99

The Sun, Ross Kemp 24/3/99

Sunday Mirror, Babs Windsor 21/3/99

The Mirror, Anita Dobson and Brian May 19/3/99

The Sun, Barbara Windsor, Steve McFadden and Martine McCutcheon 19/3/99

The Mirror, Barbara Windsor, Steve McFadden, Ross Kemp 18/3/99

The Mirror, Ross Kemp 16/3/99

The Sun, Barbara Windsor 15/3/99

The Sunday Mirror, Martine McCutcheon 14/3/99

News of the World, Barbara Windsor 14/3/99

The Mirror, Ross Kemp 12/3/99

The Sun, Patsy Palmer 10/3/99

The Mirror, Martine McCutcheon 6/3/99

The Sun, Michelle Collins 6/3/99

The Sun, Ross Kemp & Nick Berry 6/3/99

The Sun, Martine McCutcheon & Barbara Windsor 3/3/99

The Daily Star, Patsy Palmer 1/3/99

February 1999 News Paper archive

The Sunday Mirror, Troy Titus-Adams 28/2/99
The Sun, Martine McCutcheon 24/2/99

The Sun, Patsy Palmer 23/2/99

The Mirror,Patsy Palmer 22/2/99

The Sun, Michelle Collins 17/2/98

The Sun, Michelle Collins 16/2/99

The Mirror, Paul Bradley 12/2/99

AAS Charly Daniels 11/2/99

The Sun Patsy Palmer 10/2/99

The Mirror, Michael Cashman 8/2/99

News of the World, Sid Owen, Patsy Palmer, Matthew Robinson 7/2/99

Matthew Wright, Gillian Taylforth & RedNose 5/2/99

Matthew Wright, Martine McCutcheon 4/2/99

Matthew Wright, Matthew Robinson 3/2/99

The Sun, Ross Kemp 2/2/99

January 1999 News Paper archive

News of the World, Patsy Palmer, Ross Kemp, Sid Owen 31/1/99

Matthew Wright, Michael Greco 30/1/99

Local paper story Patsy Palmer & Martine McCutcheon 28/1/98

Matthew Wright, Anita Dobson 28/1/99

The Sun 'Love Story' by Nick Love 26/1/99

Sunday Mirror, Gillian Taylforth 24/1/99

News of the World Patsy Palmer 24/1/99

The Sun, Patsy Palmer with dog 22/1/99

An AAS First 22/1/99

Matthew Wright, Paul Nicholls 21/1/99

The Sun, Michael Greco Exclusive 21/1/99

Matthew Wright & Lindsey Coulson 18/1/99

The Sun, Michael Greco Exclusive 18/1/99

The Mirror, Matthew Wright EXCLUSIVE, Anita Dobson Its all Over 16/1/99

The Sun, EXCLUSIVE Piste Enders. Patsy and Sid in Swiss Alps 15/1/99

'Matthew Wright', The Mirror. Alexandra Fletcher 13/1/99


'Matthew Wright' The Mirror. Wendy Richards 11/1/99

'THE BIZ' News of the World, PATSY'S NOT ON HER OWEN 10/1/99

'the diary' The Sunday Mirror Daniella Westbrook and Michelle Collins 10/1/99

 'bizarre'..The Sun, Martine McCutcheon's debut is pop perfection 8/1/99

The News of the World, Sunday 3/1/99

" Martine McCutcheon, was it a
Happy New Year's Eve or not??"

January 1999 Magazine Articles archive

TV Quick issue 3

TV Quick Issue 2 1999

TV Quick issue 1 1999

Christmas Edition of Now Mag 

13th December Edition of The Observer
Sunday supplement Life













































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