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Richmond Rapidplay 24
Richmond Rapidplay 25
Richmond Rapidplay 26
Richmond Rapidplay 27
Richmond Rapidplay 28
Richmond Rapidplay 29
Richmond Rapidplay 30

Richmond v Barnet/Wey Valley/Sussex 1999

RCI Schools Championship 1999
RCI Schools Championship 2000

Richmond Junior Championships 1999
Richmond Junior Chess Congress 1999
Richmond Junior Championships 2000
LPSCA U11 Jamboree
LPSCA Schools Jamboree
LPSCA U9 Jamboree

EPSCA U9 Finals 1999
EPSCA U11 Finals 1999
EPSCA U9 Zonal 2000
EPSCA U9 Final 2000
EPSCA U11 Zonal 2000
EPSCA U11 Final 2000
EPSCA U11 Girls 2000
Richmond U12 v Rest of England U11 2000

NYCA U18/U12 1999
NYCA U14 1999
NYCA U16 2000
British Blitz Championship 1999

RJCC v Korea
Frydek-Mistek visit

Thames Valley League 1998-99
Thames Valley League 1999-2000

RJCC Grand Prix 1998-99
RJCC Grand Prix 1999-2000

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