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Exercises and How to Get Better


Write text here  Monday   May 15th 2006 to  today    Saturday  9th January 2010 is a very long time, 190 weeks or 3 years and 34 weeks or 3 years and 8 plus months since this saga started. and I am still not better. This is what a STATIN disaster  or in medical terms  AN ADVERSE DRUG REACTION  really means.

just imagine that you break a bone in your body, you are put into plaster. plaster is usually on for 8 weeks and you then have 4 weeks rehab or physiotherapy and you  or your broken bone is better...three months at the most... just put this into context with my story.... no wonder my blog is so long... it goes on for ever.... no apologies from me as it has helped me come to terms with my problems and helped me so very much with my recovery.  SO IF MY READING THIS IT HELPS YOU IN YOUR RECOVERY... THEN BRILLIANT     ALL MY HARD WORK WILL NOT BE IN VAIN AND WILL HELP SOOMEONE ELSE

The first paragraph talked about 190 weeks  since this stat disaster started,, this can be broken down into two bits

 no 1 statin disaster  33 weeks 8 months and one week    from the time I took  the first statin pill to the time  my situation was stable and I took the first steps to recovery

no 2 POSITIVE RECOVERY    my big toe moved until today.... a slow but steady journey to  possibe recovery 

more later

apologies for delay in writing this, it is now august 2010  and this year was been dramatic, cancer , so please go back to beginning of blog and log into 2010    I will do this as soon as I am able




Exercises and How to Get Better

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