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Revd David Jessett was on holiday as the deadline for this month’s magazine approached so Tommy, the Rectory Border Terrier has offered this ‘Paws for thought’ reflection from his doggy perspective.

Hello, and a woofing good October to all my four legged friends – and their owners and friends as well!

Well, as Autumn approaches what am I looking forward to and not looking forward to? I am looking forward to pretending to be surprised by falling leaves blown about by the wind (as if! How dumb do they think we ‘dumb’ animals are!) and to chasing them. That always amuses the humans and is usually worth a ‘treat or two’. What I am not looking forward to is going for walks when it is cold, dark and raining. I always try to look excited because I know my owners need the exercise but personally, at this time of year I would rather stay indoors and save my energy for barking at people who come to the door. After all, I feel that that is one of the things I was born to do. It’s a pity that they don’t always seem to appreciate it!

Talking of which, canine chums, do you ever find yourself wondering what humans were made to do or why God made them? I mean, take one silly example. They make a big fuss about going for a ‘walk’ but the moment they meet another human they just stop and talk for ages. But it seems that is really important to them, as if making friends was one of the things they are made to do. No, I am talking more about the kind of thing you see on the news, when they think we are just idly chewing a bone, the way that they behave towards one another. It’s like they haven’t always realised or remembered that you can sniff each other or have fun chasing each other whatever breed you are or whatever size you are! Of course we can all get grumpy at times but mostly we get on without a problem, don’t we! It’s funny isn’t it because they can be so kind to us but they aren’t always nearly so kind to each other. Maybe we can help them to see that we don’t have to be suspicious or aggressive or unkind just because someone is different from us!

Have a barking mad month!


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  David Jessett

Revd David Jessett
M Th, BD

The Rectory,
CV35 8ES

01926 624238