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Dear Friends

‘Grapevine’, the magazine for Charlecote, Hampton Lucy and Loxley has a combined July/August issue so this month my letter is solely for Barford, Sherbourne and Wasperton. This allows me the opportunity to share something about Barford School without upsetting the schools at Loxley and Hampton Lucy.

This week some of us were lucky enough to see Barford School’s Summer Production of ‘A Midsummer night’s Dream’. It was really well done. The whole idea of a Primary school taking on Shakespeare – even in a cut-down form – was amazing. Congratulations to all who were associated with it. Partly in relation to the play, we had a discussion at a Governor’s meeting about the feeling that many people in the village may not know much about what happens in the School and that is a pity. So the Governors are going to think about ways of addressing that.

In Africa there is a saying that, “It takes a village to raise a child.” I think it is saying something about different generations, different families and different groups of people learning from one another. Certainly we feel that our son, Guy, now 23 has benefitted from getting to know a lot of very different people during his time growing up here. It seems to me that our society is in danger of becoming more separated into different groups of people, linked by a particular interest or specialisation, who have less and less contact with other groups of people. At the same time, people who aren’t linked into groups like that can be left feeling very isolated and lonely.

In that context, it seems to me to be very important that we all look for ways of creating bridges across divisions and separations, or ways of bringing people who are in danger of being isolated into the company of others. In Genesis the first book of the Bible, God says “It is not good for man to be alone.” That remains true today.

David Jessett


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  David Jessett

Revd David Jessett
M Th, BD

The Rectory,
CV35 8ES

01926 624238