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Come and Sing An opportunity to reach out and meet with God in song and silence.

Every fourth Sunday of the month at 6:00pm in St Peter's Church, Barford

This month, this is Sunday 22nd May 2016.

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By the time you read this, we will have held the Annual Church Meeting for St Peter’s Barford. This is when all the congregation meets to review the prior year and share ideas about the coming year.

As part of this, an Annual Report is produced which provides a detailed review of the progress the church has made in its five priority areas, which are: Worship and Spirituality, Discipleship and Evangelism, Practical Service in the World, Schools Ministry and Maximising the potential of our buildings. Copies of the report are available at the back of the church if you would like to read about the all the positive things that have taken place in these areas over the last twelve months.

The report also includes the Summary Accounts for 2015 which show a similar picture to the prior year in that expenditure once again exceeded income by around £1,500. The church is facing some challenging issues with its ageing fabric – particularly some areas of the stonework and the heating system – and there is going to be a need for a big fundraising activity in order to meet these costs. The King George playing field project has shown what this community can achieve when it pulls together and we hope that the wider community can also get behind the efforts to help preserve the church – which is an historic building that has been in the heart of Barford for 800 years! A Fabric sub-committee has now been formed to try and tackle these issues – look out for more news in future months.

Lent and Easter
Many thanks to all who brought posies to go on the Lent Cross on Easter Sunday and to those who donated dry goods and tins for the Salvation Army ‘Way Ahead Project ‘. All the donations for coffee during Lent will also be sent to them. They are always very grateful for our support.

As before the church services are timetabled on this website and other key dates and events will be detailed or advertised separately.

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We will be having a Royal Tea Party on Sunday 12th June to celebrate the Queen's 90th birthday. This will be held at Sherbourne Village Hall in conjunction with the village hall committee.

Please contact Maureen if you are able to make a cake, cup cakes or scones for the event.

Teas will be served from 4pm and will be followed by "Songs of Praise" in All Saint's Church at 6pm.

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Our own new muffles were used with the bells for the first time on the evening of Good Friday; the plaintive half-muffled toll befitting the solemn occasion.

The bells rang out again five days’ later to the joyful sound of a Surprise peal rung by a team from Kineton. This gave the bells a much needed work out, the peal lasting for 2 hours 35 minutes.

And there was more to follow nearly three weeks’ later, when a team from the Isle of Man, on tour in England, rang in Sherbourne.

More ringers are required, not least in view of all the ringing that it is proposed be carried out throughout the Diocese to mark the Queen’s 90 th birthday. We are especially keen to welcome back those who may have learned in the past how to handle a bell and ring rounds but who then set aside the hobby.

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(3rd Sunday of every month from 10am until 12noon)

We invite you and the family to join us at our monthly Coffee Morning. It's an opportunity to get to know us better. We serve complimentary refreshments including coffee, tea and hot chocolate along with a selection of breakfast items such as bacon butties, hot waffles and warm croissants.

We also support Fairtrade so come and have a look at the items on our Fairtrade table. When you purchase any product with the FAIRTRADE mark on it you are supporting farmers and workers as they work to improve their lives and their communities.

This month it will be 15th May.

Hope to see you there... you'll receive a warm welcome.

Contact: Gail Robinson-Smith

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Chapel of Unity
At present scaffolding and sheeting are covering the exterior of the chapel which was consecrated in 1962. It is an iconic structure due to its aqua/grey coloured slate stonework. In recent years the slates have become loose and they need to be fixed in a more permanent form to the concrete exterior. Matching slate has to be located to replace broken pieces. The project is being undertaken in partnership with the cathedral fabrics commission for England.

David Hill
Cathedral Parish Partner

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As part of the vision to eliminating the admission charges by 2018 the standard admission charge is being reduced from 8.00 to 6.00. The concessionary charge is being reduced from 5.75 to 5.00 and under 18s will have free entry.

The admission charges were first introduced in 2010, when the average donation was just 24p.

The Cathedral costs 3,000 a day to run excluding fabric repairs.

David Hill
Coventry Cathedral Liaison Officer

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St Peter’s Church, Kineton has opened a “food bank“ for local people in crisis but are having difficulty maintaining food stocks. Families qualifying for food are referred through an agency or their GP.

Donations of food may be taken to any “Coffee Stop” in Wasperton Village Hall, or to the third Sunday 9.30am service in St. John the Baptist Church, Wasperton.

Please contribute items on the following list:
- Milk (UHT or powdered)
- Sugar (500g)
- Fruit juice (carton)
- Soup
- Pasta sauces
- Sponge pudding (tinned)
- Tomatoes (tinned)
- Cereals
- Rice pudding (tinned)
- Tea bags/ instant coffee
- Instant mashed potato
- Rice/ pasta
- Tinned meat/ fish
- Tinned fruit
- Jam
- Biscuits or snack bar

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The church is open every day from around 9.00 am until early evening. You are welcome to come in and look around or simply to enjoy the peace and quiet.

On Saturdays between 10.00 am and 12.00 noon, tea and coffee will be available.

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Morning Prayer is said every Thursday at St.Peter’s Church at 8.30 a.m. Prayers are said on Tuesdays and Wednesdays at 9.00a.m.

All welcome.

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The children prepared for Easter with the creation of an Easter garden for Church and a poster to provide a back drop for the garden. There was also the now traditional Easter egg hunt in the Church which was enjoyed by all – adults and children alike.

St. Peter’s Club meets every Thursday during term-time . Tea (sandwiches etc) will be available from 4.30pm until 5.00 pm. All children meet from 5.00pm till 6.00pm. There will be no meeting on Thursday, 2nd June as it will be half term .

The ages of the children vary and we are happy to accept any of Primary School age. Why not come and give us a try, coffee and biscuits for adults if you want to stay and watch. New members are always welcome.

We would love to see more joining especially from other villages in the area. Why not come and give us a try, ring Ann on 624371 for more information.

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The Pastoral Team exists to pray for people who want us to pray for them and to visit anyone who would like us to visit them. You can contact any of us. Members are:

Jan Bradley
Ann Fawcett
Christine McBeath
Barbara Peters
Jane Scott
David Jessett

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Do you have small children? Do you worry about bringing them to church in case they make a noise? We understand this concern but would like to reassure you that at Barford there are toy bags for children and you are welcome to take one to a corner at the back of the church and let them play there. At Sherbourne too there are toys for children at the back of church.

We would be happy to welcome you at any of our services but you may find 9.30am services on the second and fourth Sundays of the month at Barford to be most suitable for young people and third Sunday services at Sherbourne at 11.00am.

We look forward to welcoming you and your children.

David Jessett

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