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This site's last main update was on 27th April 2024

Barford picture

Welcome to the Barford Community website, which keeps you up to date with life in the three villages of Barford, Sherbourne and Wasperton in Warwickshire, England.

Visit the "What's On" page for full details of all the upcoming events.



CakeIn April 2023, the Barford Community Website (BCW) celebrated its twenty first birthday.

With regular monthly updates since its launch in 2002 as one of the very first village websites, BCW has been giving villagers up-to-date information about local groups and events ever since. More recently, the website works in co-operation with sites such as the Barford Community Facebook group and Barford Residents Association, among others, to share information locally.

If you have information for the website, please email editor@barford.org.uk

Visit popular BCW pages such as "Community" for local groups and "What's On" for upcoming events. The "Village Directory" (which has just been fully revised in September 2023) can be downloaded with local information intended to be a useful source for all Barford residents, especially newcomers to the village.

The Joint Parish Council pages provide the Agendas and Minutes for local government and planning committee meetings.

Visit the "What's New" page to find out all the recent additions to the website.

The website continues to be provided as a free service to the community.

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