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Village Planning Diary

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Planners from any village organisation can use this *Village Planning Diary* to check if anything is already planned around the dates they are considering for their event.

If you are running an event and you want general support it is important that you put it into the planning diary. Click here for the data entry form.

The village planning diary can be used by anyone to see what’s happening in the village in the coming months.

But please note that the “What’s On” page will give you the best information about what’s happening this month.


Click here to view the Village Planning Diary.

Change the display format by using the tabs at the top right of the diary.

*month* view - often the most useful format for planning
*week*  view the current week or that week selected as below
*agenda* view a list of the next few entries

To move calendar forward or back one month, click on *left* or *right* pointers on left side of Month name.

When viewing the diary, click the event name to view full details of the event.

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Click here to enter event details into the Village Planning Diary.

Or you can email details of your event to

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