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From your COVID Champion

I want to clarify something in last month’s article: some GP practices are now offering home vaccinations to those who are housebound, but will never arrive unannounced or ask for any payment. If you have any doubts about who is contacting you, take a telephone number and call them back – better to be safe than sorry!

These cold winter months, coupled with a continuing lockdown, means that many people are struggling with their mental health and well-being. There is a wide range of support services available to help, and I will list some of them here:

 NHS Mental Health Crisis service: 0300 200 0011, free 24/7 service

 Warwickshire Safe Haven: 6-11pm every day, 02477 714554/07970 042770 or email

 Samaritans: call 116 123

 Papyrus Hopeline UK: call 0800 068 4141 or text 07860 039967

 Every Mind Matters: this is the national NHS mental health support service to help you and your family, and has a range of resources, tools and free apps. One of these is the free NHS-approved ‘Mind Plan’ quiz, which helps identify particular problems and gives you a ‘Mind Plan’ to follow.

 Warwickshire County Council also has a site which gives info about all the different support available

As always, look out for each other: whilst we can’t visit for a cup of tea, a phone call to that neighbour who lives on their own can make their day and help them to feel less isolated – and they can hear the smile in your voice!

More information can be found if you visit

Regarding accessing transport to be vaccinated: if you know anyone worried about this:

• Ask if anyone in their family/carer bubble can help

• Ask among local voluntary provision: groups are listed on

• Or contact our local group by email to or ring 07407 293471 (9am to 6pm Monday to Saturday)

• Contact your local voluntary transport provider: VASA, 01789 262889 – please note there is a small charge for this service

• Call the WCC helpline on 0800 408 1447

PLEASE NOTE: there have been some scams regarding vaccinations, where people have been offered a vaccine appointment and then asked to supply personal and financial details. Reasons to suspect a fraud:

• Anyone offering a paid-for vaccine: vaccination is free on the NHS, the NHS will contact you when they can offer an appointment and will NEVER ask for payment

• Anyone offering to come to your house to deliver, administer or discuss vaccination: this is NOT a service offered by the NHS

Click here for a poster (PDF)

Lastly, please look out for each other, and remember HANDS-FACE-SPACE. We all need to do everything we can to prevent further spread of the virus, especially this more contagious variant.

Chris Murphy, or 01926 624421

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If like me you haven’t used your car during lockdown, you might be in for a nasty surprise. I know of two drivers this week who have decided to use theirs for the first time since lockdown who found their car had a flat battery.

This can be most inconvenient if you assume that all will be well and only go to the car when you need to take the car for its MOT or, drive to have a vaccine jab, particularly if it’s pouring with rain!

With a little bit of forethought, this need not happen. For less than £20 you can buy a smart car battery charger online if you don’t have one and put the car on trickle charge every few weeks. This will also keep the battery in good condition too, so that you do not need to replace it any sooner than necessary as well.

Alternatively, you can remove the battery from the car and take it to a local car tyre/battery outlet who will leave it on charge for a day and test your battery’s condition.

If you do find the battery flat after reading this, a quick solution is to use another car to jump start yours. Before you do this however, consult your car handbook to ensure that they recommend jump starting. Some modern cars have very specific instructions about how to start a car with a flat battery. If they do recommend jump starting, get the other car as close as possible to yours to enable you to connect good quality jump leads from the manufacturers recommended connection points or from battery to battery if permitted. If your car is as dead as a Dodo, do not expect your car to start immediately. Ensure that all lights, radio, fan etc are turned off. Connect the jump leads from car to car with the donor car switched off. Ensure that you have connected the leads to the right polarity – red terminal to red terminal, black to black. Start the donor car and leave them connected for at least ten minutes, whilst increasing the speed of the donor car to add charge from the alternator as well as the battery, then try starting your car, ensuring it’s out of gear!

Unless you have an older car, it is not recommended that you ‘bump start’ it. Again, read the manufacturers handbook to see what they say.

Another consequence of not using your car for an extended period is that the brakes will likely seize on due to rusting of the brake discs. On top of a flat battery this might give the appearance that the engine has seized if you try to push or bump start it, but that will not be the case. Get the car started as above, engage gear and slowly try to move the car to release the brakes, but be prepared, it may suddenly release and lurch forward!

A good practice if you are not intending to use your car for a few days or more is to leave the handbrake off and to leave it in gear instead, perhaps putting a chock under one of the wheels if it’s positioned on a slope.

Finally, if you’re going out in the car for the first time in weeks, check the tyre pressures, oil level and anti-freeze in the radiator too.

Good luck!

Harry Gadsden

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Gold for Barford

One the 6th December 2020, Barford resident Olivia Joyce won Gold in the British Indoor Rowing Championships. Olivia, a keen rower since 2015 with Warwick Boat Club, decided to enter the competition due to a lack of ‘on water’ rowing in 2020. Olivia has already made her mark on the national and international stage by qualifying for Women’s Henley Regatta in a quadruple scull in 2018 and winning two silvers and a bronze medal at the European Dragon Boat Championships in Germany that same year.

To stand a chance of doing well at a mere 5’3” tall (very small for a rower), Olivia decided to enter as a lightweight rower (under 61.5kg) in the 500m category. Weighing in at a little over 64kg she had her work cut out! With six weeks to go, she ramped up the training…

‘I started training 6 days a week; this included personal training, cardio sessions and using the indoor rowing machine. The worst part was the sugar detox; I needed to reduce the calories in order to lose the weight and this meant cutting out sugar! I was on a max of 1700cal on training days and 1500 on rest days. I did want to give up on several occasions and with only a week to go I nearly withdrew. I was tired of training and my body hurt but with the encouragement of friends and my fiancé I stuck at it’.

The race took place virtually but is normally held in the London Olympic Velodrome.

‘I was very nervous. I had no idea what to expect or how well I would do, having not competed in one of these events before. I made a point of not researching my opposition as I didn’t want to scare myself.’

The race stared with a false start from another rower - obviously nerves were high! Finally, once everyone had reset their ergometers, the race started. Setting off well, Olivia quickly took 2nd place. For most of the race Olivia and one other rower were battling out for 1st place. The 500m were up and Olivia came joint first with a World and European medallist from Denmark.

‘I couldn’t quite believe it! It took me a minute to figure out that I was joint first! It had been worth pushing my body to the limit in training - the reward was amazing!’

Now Olivia has her sights set on the World Indoor Championship on the 23th Feb and at the time of going to print we have learned that she has qualified 3rd fastest for the competition - we look forward to hearing how she got on.

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Another reminder that you can post your letters and parcels and do your banking in the Village Shop.

Barford Post Office is now open Tuesday - Friday, 3:00 to 5:00pm

Social distancing is in place. Please wear a facemask.
Please queue outside until called in by one of our volunteers.
Only one Post Office customer allowed in the shop at a time.

Thank you for your patience.

Click here for the Village Shop website.

Other Post Offices operating are at Warwick (mornings only) and Wellesbourne.

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“Help Us Through with My Myton”

The Myton Hospices has launched an emergency appeal in the form of a special friends and supporters scheme called 'My Myton', to help the local charity get through the difficult Covid-19 period. The hospices in Warwick, Coventry and Rugby need to raise £500,000 in this financial year to avoid reducing services and turning some people away.

Launching the initiative, The Myton Hospices CEO, Ruth Freeman, said, “Whilst it is important that we protect the NHS and care homes, it is also important that hospices are not forgotten. Thankfully local people are incredibly generous. Eighty percent of our income comes from fundraising. But without our mass participation events and with our shops closed for long periods there has been a sharp fall in income. Also making our hospices Covid-secure has meant additional costs.

We have made savings of £1.5 million by streamlining our support activities in order to protect frontline services for patients and families, but we urgently need just under half a million pounds more income.

We are asking people to support their local hospice by becoming members of 'My Myton' and donating £10 a month for 12 months to help us through this extraordinary period with our services intact. After that we hope normal fundraising will have resumed.”

Last year, Myton supported more than 1,800 patients and their families in its Inpatient Units, with counselling, physiotherapy, occupational therapy, a 'Living Well' programme, and in people's homes through the 'Myton at Home' service. The hospices have nearly 300 members of staff including the medical teams and are helped by more than 1,000 volunteers.

Charities across the region are struggling: Myton is very much part of our community fabric, and is in need of extra funding to recover from the pandemic with all of its services intact.

Please consider signing up to the 'My Myton' programme to safeguard the future of such a vital charity."

To support your local hospice and join 'My Myton', go to to sign up online or download a form from the website. Call 01926 358383 to sign up over the phone or request a form to be sent to you.

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In preparation for the start of new or extended contracts for waste collection and street cleansing from 1st April 2021, it was agreed that Warwick District Council would withdraw its recycling bring sites.

The recycling bring sites were originally installed to provide a means for residents to recycle when household recycling collections didn’t exist or were first being set up. The Council now provides a comprehensive kerbside recycling service to all households in the district, with tailored schemes for complexes of flats. Residents are able to recycle a wide range of items from home with no limit on the amount of recycling that can be presented.

We have ongoing issues with sites including overflowing bins, damage/ vandalism to bins, contamination of bins with non-recyclable items, bins being used by local businesses, frequent fly tipping of waste around the bins and issues with vermin in some instances.

The procurement of new contracts gave the Council an opportunity to review the provision of recycling bring sites. Taking all of the above into consideration, the decision was made to permanently remove all sites.

The removal is being planned for week commencing 22nd February 2021. We are fully anticipating issues with fly-tipping at sites following removal and will be working closely with our contractors to manage removal and clear up of sites afterwards.

We plan to put public notices at all sites next week to notify users of the sites that they will be shortly removed.

Further information about the removal, including a full list of sites and a series of frequently asked questions, is available on the Council’s website

Daisy Killian
Project Management Apprentice

Contract Services, Warwick District Council, Riverside House, Milverton Hill, Royal Leamington Spa, CV32 5HZ

01926 456628

12th January 2021

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Toads in WaspertonI live in Wasperton and recently found two toads stuck in the roadside drain outside my house. I fished them out and then checked the other drains in the village. I found 14 toads that day and following periodic checks since have so far fished out 80 live toads in the past 6 weeks.

I was concerned about this and contacted the Warwickshire Amphibian and Reptile Team (WART) and met two of their members in Wasperton. They informed me that toads getting trapped in drains and dying is a known problem, having a serious impact on a rapidly declining species. They think that Wasperton is a significant breeding area for toads and that it could benefit from fitting drains with 'ladders' to allow the toads to escape.

WART have recently received coverage for a similar project they carried out in Tournament Fields, Warwick:

See also this video from a global news channel that ran the story:

Following discussions with Warwickshire County Council's Ecology and Highways departments WART have been given the go-ahead to install 'ladders' in Wasperton. They have set up a crowdfunding webpage to raise funds for the project. Here's the link:

For more information, please feel free to call me at any time on 07753 222 519.


Ben Blackham

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Those people who use King George’s playing field or walk the allotment path may have wondered why two large cage enclosures were being constructed on the allotment site. No - despite the rumours they are not to hold locals who are breaking Covid lockdown rules or dog owners who allow their dogs to foul the playing fields! They are for storing the vast amount of leaves that fall in Autumn and turn them into leaf mould ready for use on the allotments.

Every year John Murphy and his merry band of helpers sweep up leaves from the village green and around the playing field. In the past these have been taken to the recycling plant but now this newly designated area will be used. Another example of the local council trying to ‘do its bit’ for the environment.

Many thanks to Rodney Barnes of RB skips for clearing and levelling the site (John Murphy being photographed on the machinery is for illustrative purposes only, Roger Clay supervising!)

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Gary Harvey

When Gary Harvey [of Cool Breeze Technology Services] heard that there weren’t enough laptops for every child to use for home-schooling, he decided to do something about it. He asked his customers and local community if they had any devices that they no longer used and would be happy to donate. He expected to have a few but the response has been so overwhelming that Gary now has over 100 laptops and other devices that he is cleaning of data and reconfiguring with the latest Window or IOS Software. Then they are ready to go; to the people that most need them – our children.

Since the start of the pandemic, schools and parents have struggled with this new world of home-schooling, juggling virtual resources whilst at the same time being able to support children with finding some balance and perspective to their lives as the goal posts keep moving!

Schools have been keen that every child is supported to learn at home and that they do not feel excluded or isolated by not having access to the technology that helps this to happen.

This is a story that connects people in so many ways [local business, schools, families and individual members of the community]. A number of local schools have benefitted from this amazing generosity including Barford St Peters.

Mark Griffin

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The Covid-19 preventative behaviour and symptoms study is looking for volunteers to complete a short survey on the preventative behaviours people are taking to avoid catching COVID-19 and the long-term effect of those that have suffered from COVID-19 during the pandemic.

To make their findings as meaningful as possible, they are hoping to get a broad range of participants from across the UK.

Details about the project can be found here and they have social media posts that link to the survey set up for ease of sharing from their Facebook and Twitter accounts here and here.

Here is the direct link to the survey:

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We need volunteers to help get local patients to receive the Coronavirus vaccination.

Click here for poster (PDF)

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2021 CENSUS :
Census Day is Sunday March 21st.

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Thank you so much for all your donations at harvest. It would be good to make a collection of tinned and dry goods at Christmas as well.

Donations can be left in church on Wednesdays or Sundays.

Click here for poster (PDF)

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Charlotte ThompsonBarford Resident, Charlotte Thompson originally planned to run in the London Marathon this year, taking in the famous sights and being spurred on by a million cheering spectators.

However things turned out a bit differently and she started her virtual London Marathon from The Granville pub at 7:50 am on Sunday October 4th 2020. Her husband and sons waved her off as she made her way into Warwick and onto the Grand Union canal. She followed the canal passing through Leamington Spa and Radford Semele and then turned around at 13.1 miles which was just before Long Itchington.

At this point it was the farthest that Charlotte had run in her training as she had suffered a number of running related injuries; the run back to Barford was a trip into the unknown!

The weather was terrible, reducing the number of Charlotte’s supporters along the course; many had decided to stay in the dry! However for the last 6 miles she was joined by a running friend who encouraged her all the way to the finish back at The Granville. She completed the 26.2 miles in 6 hours and 49 minutes and was welcomed back by her family and a number of Barford residents.

Well done Charlotte - what a fantastic achievement!

Charlotte ran for a charity that is dear to her heart, Children with Cancer UK, and she has now just beaten her fundraising target of £3,500. She would like to thank everyone who supported her or donated on her fundraising page.

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Changing our lives and our impact on the planet
Re-cycling those difficult things

It is great to see so much rubbish being recycled in our red boxes and white bags. As a reminder this link takes you to the WDC site which lists what can and cannot go into these. what_we_collect. This is helpful when we sort our rubbish for collection although sometimes, especially during the pandemic, the collection is being taken by a normal refuse truck (all mixed together) for sorting at a separate site. When life returns to normal, so will this, so it’s important that we keep sorting our recycling!

Remember anything you recycle must be clean.

However, it can be difficult to find out what to do with items that don’t normally go in the red boxes or white bags. Here are some ideas.:

Clothes Air Ambulance collection bin Joseph Arch car park

Media (CDs DVDs, Computer games, Vinyl records, books) Air Ambulance collection bin Joseph Arch car park

Crisp packets flattened and folded can be handed in at the Village shop for sending on to Terracycle.

Empty pill blister packets are being collected outside 16 Church Street for taking to Superdrug.

Batteries can be wrapped up separately and put in your recycle boxes

Woodloes Recycling at 12 Makepeace Avenue, Warwick has been set up by Suzie Sharp who takes the following items to Terracycle and donates money received to charity. Plastic sliced loaf bread bags (not rolls, wraps, bagels etc), Confectionery packets, nut, pretzel and popcorn packets, home cleaning wipe packets, Cheese packaging (plastic only), Personal Care, Oral Care, LOL doll packaging, balls and dolls, Kinder packaging. Full details are on her Facebook page. She is looking for people to set up local collection points for her. Does anyone in Barford want to take this on?

Make up can be recycled in Sainsbury’s Leamington.

Plastic bags, bubble wrap, shrink wrap on multipacks can go to Sainsbury’s Leamington

Simple swaps :
Next month we are planning to do a list of ideas for simple swaps to make our lives more eco-friendly. If you have any top tips please email and we will include your ideas.

Grow your own :
The vernal equinox occurs this month when hours of day and night are equal. This means that Winter is officially over and Spring has begun! Here are some things you can do in March:

 Start sowing lettuce, radish and spring onions at intervals to get a successional harvest

 Sow spinach, chard and early beetroot

 Transplant early peas sown in February

 Plant out early potatoes, onion sets, and asparagus crowns.

 Trim old leaves from strawberry plants and feed with general fertiliser

Facebook Group
For those of you on Facebook, our FB group is a great way to share ideas about living more sustainably. To join, you can find us by clicking here.

Repair Café :
Although we cannot run the café, the repair service continues during Covid -19 restrictions. We can repair a wide variety of items, but they must now be booked in and arrangements made for collection and return. So, instead of throwing broken items out and buying new, contact us on: Email: or phone: 01926 624145

Government grants for installing renewable energy heating systems….

Did you know that there are government grants if you install a renewable energy heating system? Specifically, this covers ground source heat pumps, air source heat pumps, thermal solar and biomass boilers. Details are available on the following two websites.

….and Green Homes improvements

The government also launched a new scheme at the beginning of October where homeowners or residential landlords can apply for a Green Homes Grant voucher of up to £5,000 towards the cost of installing energy efficient improvements to their homes. More details on the website:

Don’t miss out!
If you’d like to join our ‘keep in touch’ list, email

.Mary Peirson, Kirsty Healey, and Liz Harrison-Hall

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The Joint Parish Council allotments have thrived this year, possibly due to the extra time people have had to devote to their plots.

Allotment holder Carl Aspinwall suggested that a ‘Best Kept Allotment’ competition should be held to recognise the great efforts that had been put into their cultivation. Marie-Jane Roberts (formerly of Sherbourne Nurseries) kindly agreed to act as Judge.

There were numerous awards, and the overall winner of the Challenge Shield was Mr Eugene Kennedy.

Prizes were generously donated by Charlecote Garden Centre and were presented by Councillor Andrew Day, Leader of Warwick District Council.

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Many thanks for the continuing generous donations at the village shop for the Warwick District Food Bank, run by the Trussell Trust. Their website reports that 1 in 5 people in the UK currently live below the poverty line and the need for Food Bank parcels is growing, as the economic effects of the Covid 19 crisis worsen.

Staff at the Food Bank wanted to pass on their thanks to Barford residents and have issued the shop with a 'thank you' certificate. Corenna has kindly agreed for the food bank collection box to remain in the café area whilst the café is closed. Most needed donations at the moment include: sponge puddings, crisps, snacks, deodorant, tinned rice pudding, washing up liquid and small bars of chocolate.

Donations in the form of money or vouchers can also be made at:

Many thanks,
Claire Kime and Richard Heath-Kime

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Here is more information (PDF files) regarding the recent Care Home proposal exhibition boards and comment forms.

Click here to download the proposal.

John Murphy

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The Society have taken the difficult decision to postpone all house box collections until further notice. They are doing all they can to ensure that they are still there for the children who need them most - particularly as the most vulnerable are likely to need them more than ever.

Their website is being kept up to date so if you wish to find out more do visit

Kind Regards to all box holders,

Jo Burman

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Warwickshire County Council are linked to the national Lift Share scheme which is open to everyone. You need to join online and if you can offer a lift, you post details and a passenger might reply.

Alternatively if you are seeking transport you can search to see if anyone is going your way. The more people that join the more rides that can be shared. It is suitable for one off or regular journeys.

Have a look at the link if you are interested:

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Meetings have been cancelled until further notice.

On the 2nd Tuesday of every month our organisation hosts a presentation on a topic of general interest starting at 2.30pm in St Peter's Church, Wellesbourne. Non members are always welcome to attend at a nominal charge of £2 which includes refreshments.

If you would like to know more about our organisation and possibly also consider joining, then please visit our website at or visit our Facebook page.

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Do you know what to do if someone collapses and stops breathing? Cardio-Pulmonary Resuscitation SAVES LIVES, by keeping patients alive long enough for ambulances and paramedics to arrive – or for someone to fetch the Public Access defibrillator.

Given that activity areas might well be a likely location for a “heart event” we have made contacts and are able to arrange some CPR training sessions. These sessions are for everyone – no previous experience is needed, and you never know where the next person you could help will come from – it could just as easily be family, neighbours or someone in the street.

Do you know what to do? If not please contact Harry Gadsden to secure a place on a training session.

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Are you an expectant Mum or new Mum with a baby under a year old? We are hoping to set up a group for chat and tea at the Youth and Community Centre (current Scout Hut). Open also to Dads who care for babies.

Our new Baby Group dates going forward are
• 3rd March 2pm - 3.30pm and
• 10th March 2pm - 3.30pm

(A small charge of £2.00 to help cover room hire and refreshments).

As the group develops, we aim to provide sensory items to stimulate baby development but to also offer a safe environment for babies to socialise and for mums to be, new mums and dads to come together and have a natter!

We look forward to seeing you.
Give Lorraine a ring on 07977 998140

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Please don’t be the type of dog owner that spoils our green and pleasant land. Our playing fields and footpaths are for the enjoyment of everyone but sadly some dog owners are not picking up after their beloved pets. We know you love them but not everyone else does!

We received an especially sad message from a resident who found dog mess close to a family grave; this was very distressing.

Please remember this can result in a £1000 fine but don’t let it come to this. Just pick it up and put it in one of the many bins in the village.

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Members of The Arts Society, Royal Leamington Spa, have started work on a church record at All Saints, Sherbourne. A church record is a detailed inventory of the church furnishings complete with drawings and photographs. It is set out in nine different sections: memorials, metalwork, stonework, woodwork, textiles, paintings, library, windows and miscellaneous. Recording usually takes place once a fortnight for about a couple of hours, which is quite long enough particularly in the winter. The average length of time to complete a record is three years.

All Saints is a wonderful George Gilbert Scott church and is highly regarded by Pevsner. Three members of the group live in Barford so do not have far to travel.

If you would be interested in learning more about this project, or even volunteering to help, please contact Angela Watkins on 01926 624758.

For more infromation, visit the Society's website:

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Thank you so much to everyone in Barford who has helped in any way to raise the magnificent sum of £1,276.40.

This is another record amount this year and has been very gratefully received by the Air Ambulance charity which has helped so many people in our village.

Despite the fact that they save so many lives they receive no government funding.

Eileen Field

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Mobile LibraryThe Mobile Library normally visits Barford once every three weeks.   

However, due to Covid-19 constraints, visits are suspended until further notice.

For further information on the Mobile Library Service, please call 01926 851031.

Click here for more details.

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There is also a Home Library Service which is offered across the whole of Warwickshire. This is a free Warwickshire County Council service to those who are unable to visit or use their local library or Mobile Library due to ill health or infirmity.

We deliver library books to people in their homes/ nursing homes/ residential complexes once every four weeks, based on their personal preferences.  Click here for a copy of the leaflet or watch our promotional video via our website:

We can provide books in Large Print or on compact disc if required.

Don’t forget that your library card also gives access to free Ebooks, EAudio, ENewspapers and EMagazines and much more all from the comfort of your Home;
go to:

For further information on the Mobile Library Service, please call 01926 851031.

Or email us on: and we will be happy to speak to you.

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We are seeing almost daily enquiries from owners of properties on new developments asking when we will be going to their areas. The simple answer, generally speaking, is that we won’t!

Before CSW Broadband went out to tender in 2017 for Contract 3, we carried out an Open Market Review in 2016. Under this process, suppliers were sent lists of premises that appeared at that time on the Ordnance Survey Address Base. The data for this originates from the District or Borough Authorities, who enter the information into the Property Gazeteer. Therefore, the data can only include homes that have been built and registered, and is only as up-to-date as the District or Borough Authority data at that time.

If a property had not yet been built, or was not registered, then it could not be included in the data that was sent to suppliers.

It is not unreasonable to expect the developers to include broadband in their on-site infrastructure, and many do. However many people buy homes and expect that broadband will be provided, only to be disappointed once they move in. To complicate the issue, there is an EU standard that required newer homes to be built as “internet ready”, so they will have network wiring around the property. However, that does not necessarily mean that there will be any connectivity from the property to the fibre network.

Buyers of any property, new or old, are strongly recommended to check the broadband connectivity situation, if it is important to them, before they buy. Don’t just take the salesperson’s word for it!

CSW Broadband Warwickshire County Council

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Some of you may have read about the Hewitt family on the Heritage Group website. This is a fascinating and inspiring story about a very strong minded woman, Miss Caroline Hewitt who was born in Barford in 1872. After a very eventful start in life she established the much valued Hewitt School in New York in 1920. The Heritage Group has been in contact with the school to find out more about their principal’s life.

On her visit to Barford in 1928, Caroline founded a scholarship at secondary school for a promising pupil of Barford school whose parent’s circumstances precluded the expense of a higher education. The gift was in affectionate memory of her mother, Harriet. The only condition of the trust was that the scholar, for the time they had the scholarship, would place a wreath of primroses on Mrs Hewitt’s grave on the 23rd of April each year.

As a result of this and other research, our school Barford St. Peter’s, has decided to re-establish the annual placing of a posy of primroses on the grave of Harriet Hewitt in Barford churchyard. Miss Hewitt returned from America each year to visit her mother (another amazing, determined, intelligent woman).

Caroline died in 1961 having given so many pupils a great love of the theatre and particularly of Shakespeare; she is buried alongside her mother in St Peter's churchyard.

The whole story is on the website

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We are looking for people willing to write up their experiences over this Covid 19 period. These are just as important historically as other reminiscences and will reflect how we felt and how we dealt with this in 50/100 years time. If you like, it’s history in the making.

Anyone willing to get thoughts down on paper please drop them into my porch at 23 Sandy Way or email me at . With your permission, we will put them on the Heritage Group website.

Wendy Barlow

Barford Heritage Group have produced a leaflet detailing the history of the Hadley Family

The Hadleys have lived in Barford continuously since 1802. Originally living in Bridge Street where they ran the butchers shop and post office, part of the family then started farming in Wasperton Lane.

The leaflet refers to Census records but what makes it more interesting are the reminiscences of various Hadley family members, giving a fascinating insight into their family life. It starts with George Hadley, recorded in 1929 when was aged 93, referring to memories of what life was like in Barford. Then follows Tony Hadley describing how the farm was developed, as well as his wartime memories. The farm is still run by part of the family today and they helped with some of the details. Finally another family descendent, Jan Bradley who still lives in the village, brings the family history up to date with her own reminiscences.

A worthwhile read about life in the Hadley family over the last two centuries.

Copies can be purchased from Doug Warne for £1
Telephone: 01926 624206

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Has your bank closed? You will find many banking facilities at the Post Office:

• Withdraw money
• Get change
• Pay in cash/cheques
• Pay bills
• Collect foreign currency

Try out your LOCAL Banking Service!

Rod Scott
01926 624434

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A big thank you to the eight Children’s Society’s collection box holders who contributed a total of £120.97 towards the Society this year.

Funds raised are vital in helping towards the society’s mission of supporting disadvantaged children and young people. Last year they worked with over 18,000 vulnerable children and young people, bringing life-changing support through their services around the country. This includes helping families trapped in poverty and debt, providing support to young carers and combating the evils of child sexual exploitation.

I have a number of spare boxes so if anyone would like to contribute their loose change to this worthwhile cause, do please let me know.

Jo Burman

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I have set up a community forum page for people to discuss local issues and celebrate what the village offers. It is purely for fun and utility. There is no commercial angle to this.

I have seen it elsewhere and it helps strengthen a community if done well.

Stu Barbs

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The Silver Line is a helpline for older people that offers information, friendship and advice 24 hours day, 365 days a year.

Originally founded by Dame Esther Rantzen, it is the only national, free and confidential helpline for older people in the UK. The Silver Line also offers telephone and letter befriending by matching up a Silver Liner to a volunteer for regular conversation. So if anyone is lying awake at night, feeling lonely at anytime or is worried about a problem that they have and think that a chat with someone friendly who cares might help, please call The Silver Line on 0800 4 70 80 90

Click here for the Silver Liner website.

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Thank you to all who kindly drop off items for our workshop in my porch at 27 High Street.

Important Notice :
We no longer require any plastic bottles or white envelopes. But we do want:-

- Coloured envelopes with or without stamps.
- Drink cans
- Printer cartridges
- Round or square tea bags (dried)

Many thanks

Hilary Rhead

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For a safer home, Warwickshire Trading Standards is urging consumers to register their fridges, washing machines and other white goods with the new domestic appliance registration scheme.

Domestic appliances have never been safer. However, as appliances become older, unforeseen faults can appear and these sometimes require the manufacturer to repair or recall the product.

A new web portal now provides access to the registration pages of 47 leading brands of domestic appliances:

If then a manufacturer identifies a fault with a product which requires a repair or product recall, consumers can be quickly contacted.

The information consumers provide will only be used to notify them of product recalls and safety notices. The information cannot be shared or used for marketing purposes without their express consent.

Supported by Government and RoSPA.

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Barford Audio Books is a non-commercial, non-profit and ad-free project; providing a small quantity of high quality free audio books for anyone to listen to on their computer, MP3 player etc., or to download and burn to a CD so that you can listen to them whenever you wish, at absolutely no cost to you. Our books have been recorded mainly by volunteers from the Barford Drama Group, which enables us to provide totally free audio books. You don’t even have to register, but please do join the Library so we can advise you of our latest recording.

We do have access to over 50,000 eBooks from Project Gutenberg and we are always looking for suggestions so if you would like us to record a specific Project Gutenberg eBook then please do suggest it using the form on the Contacts page, we look forward to hearing from you; although we obviously can’t guarantee recording it for you.

We generally only use Project Gutenberg eBooks as our source material as all their books are in the public domain and are no longer covered by copyright law, i.e., the copyright has expired. We believe therefore that all our recordings are also no longer covered by copyright law, however because of the nature of the internet, please do check before listening to or downloading or redistributing our audio books that they are out of copyright in your country. Please join this free library by visiting: Barford Audio Books.

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A friendly, relaxed and supportive group for people with Dementia and their Carers to enjoy together. Refreshments and fun activities to share. Meet people who understand your experiences. Trained volunteers on hand to chat and provide support. Information and advice available.

WHERE: Brunswick Hub, 98-100 Shrubland Street, Leamington Spa CV31 3BD

WHEN: Fortnightly on Wednesdays, 11:00am to 1:00pm.

COST: Free of charge

For more information, please contact Hilary on 01926 422123

Click here for the website.

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Members of the sewing group agreed that the best way to illustrate the support Barford Village gave to the NHS during the Covid crisis was to make a wall hanging. When Covid 19 first started to devastate the country it soon became evident that there was a shortage of both protective equipment and nurses’ scrubs. The Barford community very quickly raised funds to buy material to make them and in addition, many generous people donated sheets and duvet covers which were then recycled. The outcome was numerous colourful sets of scrubs and bags to put them in which were sent to the NHS.

To make this commemorative wall hanging, some of the women who participated have embroidered their name on a square and to complete it other squares with ‘sets of scrubs’ and ‘NHS’ appliquéd on them have been added. These were then framed with some remnants of the blue fabric bought from the raised funds - making a record of the villages support of the NHS.

Stella Rutherford

This friendly group meets on alternate Monday mornings during term time, from 10.00 am to 12.00 noon in Barford Scout Hut.

Members bring along their own projects to work on from dress making, embroidery, tapestry and patchwork, to fabulous knitting designs. We share lots of ideas and tips!

The group also embarks on joint work, creating items for local community groups and charities. This year we hope to join with the WI to make a selection of hats and scarves for the homeless.

Can you sew or knit?

We always welcome new members and would be pleased to see you at one of our Monday sessions. For more details please email Ann at

If you would like to join us or find out more, please

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Beware of offenders targeting homes of elderly residents saying that there is a problem with damp and drains. 

We have received information from other UK Police Forces about incidents, which have occurred across their areas, whereby white male offenders have targeted the homes of elderly residents. The males have typically called at the homes of elderly and vulnerable people and have told them that they have a problem with damp in their house, or with their drains. They then say that they will need to hire equipment, such as a dehumidifier or pump, to rectify the problem and ask for payment up front for the hire of this equipment.

There have been no recorded incidents of this happening in Warwickshire so far but we are making you aware in case it does spread this way. Please make elderly relatives and neighbours aware that this is happening and ask them to turn the callers away empty handed and contact Police on 101 if they are approached in this way. Warn them never to hand over any cash to strangers at the door and, if possible, not to answer the door to anyone they do not know or are not expecting.

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The Community Orchard on Oldhams Bank is such a spirit lifter at the moment. Apart from blossoming plums there are fat buds on all but 2 of the other fruit varieties. It was inevitable that we would lose some of our young trees as we were never sure what lies under the ground on the plot but we have managed to keep most of them healthy. Thanks go to Margaret and Neville Woods this year for their excellent care and pruning.

Have a look at our Starter Beehive! The bees have been doing well in the warm days over the last weeks.

Please keep enjoying this lovely community facility!

Wendy Barlow
May 2020

In 2011 the Community Orchard was planted up on Oldham’s Bank by some enthusiastic villagers. Under the watchful eye of Gareth Davies, working for the LEADER programme, we planted 25 fruit trees. These were important in that they were chosen as local historic varieties and have great names such as the Warwickshire Drooper plum, Blenheim Orange apple, Meeches Prolific Quince, Winter Nellis Pear and a Mulberry (species unknown).

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Barford Memorial Hall on Thursday mornings at 9.30am – 11.00am (term time only)

A friendly village playgroup.

Great selection of toddler toys and ride-ons.
Special baby area.
Regular craft activities.
Healthy snack for little ones.
Tea, coffee and biscuits for grown-ups.
Fun action song session at the end.

£3.00 per family per session.

Come and join us!

Every Thursday morning during term time.

Contact Barford Beginners on 07921 083142 for more information.

Click here for webpage.

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A small but enthusiastic band of ladies meet on Monday mornings at 9.30am in Barford Memorial Hall to do a gentle keep fit class which last for about 30 minutes.

If you would like to join us please contact Helen Clay 624028 for more information.

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The Warwickshire Directory is aimed at helping people find information about local organisations, groups and agencies that provide activities, advice, services and support.

Information and advice is an essential part to enabling people, carers and families to take control of, and make well-informed choices about, their care and support.

Please visit the Directory online at

We are committed to continually improving the range of information, advice and services available to people online.

Do you run a local activity or service?

Are you listed on the Warwickshire Directory? If not, we want to hear from you. The Directory could be a great way of promoting your service to a wider audience for free.

To get listed, please contact the Directory Team by emailing or by calling us on 01926 742604.

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The submission version of the Plan has been completed and can be downloaded from the BNDP webpage.

Click here for full details. .

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Back & 4th Community Transport is based at Warwick University Campus (HRI), Wellesbourne and provides minibus hire for residents of South Warwickshire. We are looking for extra volunteer drivers to take our passengers out and about in the local area and further afield, so if you have some time to spare and are interested in joining our team please give us a call.

You need to be between 25 and 70 years of age and we ask that volunteers complete a minimum of one drive per month for us. Apart from that our requirements are flexible to suit your availability.

Full training to MiDAS (Minibus Drivers’ Awareness Standards) is provided as well as all out of pocket expenses. An enhanced Disclosure and Barring Service check is completed for all volunteer drivers.

We also need volunteers to help out with other tasks including assisting people on a journey and with their supermarket shopping so if you have some spare time and would like to help the local community, please contact Kate Skinner on 01789 471595 for further information.

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Together with donations from Barford Ladies Guild and other sources, and money raising that we do ourselves, we can also offer three weekly sessions of Physiotherapy on a Monday and also Hydrotherapy twice a month. These are all with specialist therapists who can target the main problems.

As a Society we provide monthly meetings for information, companionship and entertainment. We also have social outings and an annual holiday.

If anyone would like to know anything further, or know of anyone we could help, please contact Eileen Field 01926 624431.

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For those of you organising events in advance you might not be aware that there is an on-line Village Diary that you can use to see if there is already an event planned in the village at the time you have chosen. It also provides a 'What's On' diary visible to everyone.

The diary is accessible from the home page of the Barford Community Website ( via the red button 'Planning Diary' on the left side..

OBVIOUSLY it will only work if every event organiser tells me the date of their event as soon it is fixed !!

New entries can be made by sending me an email or via

Ken Hope

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ECO (Enterprise Community Opportunity) Workshop, a Stratford-based organisation that helps adults with autism and learning disabilities get valuable work experience and gain new skills, need greeting card envelopes, postage stamps, empty drinks cans, old gardening hand tools, empty plastic Coca Cola bottles, empty printer cartridges.

Items can be left in separate bags please in the porch at 27 High Street, Barford.

Click here for flyer (PDF)

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Bringing faster broadband to your area
(Updated December 2020) Broadband

At the end of September 2020, Ofcom published their fourth annual report on how service levels compare in telecoms, which may be of interest to some of you:
Click here for more details

For more general information :

Social Media:
SFBarford on Facebook:

CSW on Facebook 
Twitter -!/cswbroadband 

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Tuesday Morning Coffee Group
(Updated March 2021)

Due to the current lockdown's uncertain length, it sadly looks like we won't be able to open the Scout Hut Cafe for some time. If anything changes we'll do our best to let everyone know. Please feel free to contact us:

Wendy Barlow
Alex Farr

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As many of you who walk the Oldhams bank, Millennium Walk and Community Orchard know, it takes a bit of maintenance to keep it open and free from brambles etc.

If there are any villagers out there who could help with this a few times a year I would love to hear from you. The small group who are currently doing it are getting no younger though we would like to think we are mere striplings!

Please contact Wendy Barlow on 624296 or .

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Could you give a home to a Guide Dog Puppy and be part of something amazing?

Guide Dogs are urgently looking for new volunteers to help train and socialize some of their puppies, a role known as Puppy Walking.

These crucial volunteers provide the full-time care and education of a puppy from seven weeks of age until they are between 12 and 14 months old, when the puppies return to Guide Dogs to begin their formal training.

Penny Hefferan, Volunteer Consultant for Guide Dogs and herself a Guide dog owner says, “Our puppy walkers play an essential role - if we don’t have puppy walkers, we don’t have Guide Dogs. “The role is challenging and it’s a real commitment to take a puppy into your home for a year, but it’s extremely enjoyable, rewarding and worthwhile in raising a dog who regain their independence and rebuild their lives.

Puppy Walkers need to be at home for the majority of the day so that the pup is not left alone for long periods of time. Alternatively, individuals provide joint care with a family member or friend, or take the puppy with them to a suitable work environment. Access to a car is required, plus suitable accommodation with a securely fenced yard or garden. Guide Dogs provides full training and support, supplies basic equipment and pays all veterinary and feeding expenses.

Lyn is a volunteer for Guide dogs and is currently looking after her second puppy Isaac. She says, “I have really enjoyed being a puppy walker and have loved all the new experiences it has given me. Both my puppies have been very different and it’s been wonderful to watch them grow and gain in confidence. I’d recommend it to anyone who has the time to care for a dog but wants to do something special at the same time”.

For further information about this and other volunteering opportunities with Guide Dogs, please call Penny Hefferan on 07881 269586 or

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Back and 4th Transport provides accessible transport to the community and not for profit groups in the South Warwickshire area.

We are always looking to recruit volunteer minibus drivers for our community transport projects.

Volunteers will be subject to a satisfactory DBS check and will be based at our offices in Wellesbourne. Full training will be provided and all out of pocket expenses will be paid

If you are a friendly and sociable person with some spare time and enjoy helping others, please contact Gareth Jones on 01789 471595 or click here to visit our website

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Barford Community Charity exists to support the local communities of Barford, Wasperton and Sherbourne as detailed in last month’s Village Voices. To date we have given money for a number of village facilities, including a major contribution to King George’s Field.

In these troubled times we would like people to be aware that under its Terms of Reference, Barford Community Charity is also able to support people in local businesses. For example, the charity can provide financial assistance, technical assistance, business advice or consultancy in order to provide training and employment opportunities for unemployed people. In other cases, we can assist in setting up new businesses, or supporting existing businesses.

There needs to be a clear benefit to the communities of Barford, Wasperton and Sherbourne from the help provided, which could be in the form of providing employment opportunities to residents or in delivering a service or facilities to the parishes.

If you would like to explore making an application for support, please contact the Chair of the Trustees, John Murphy on 01926 624421 or

The Charity can also be used as a temporary repository for charitable funds raised in the villages and as a Charity we are usually able to reclaim Gift Aid on such funds. In particular we facilitate use of Barford Village Shop profits for community benefit in a tax-efficient manner.

We remain in touch with representatives from the Scouts and Guides Supporters’ Group and continue to explore how we might be able to help them with their funding campaign, and pledged £20,000 against the initial proposals, with a commitment to consider further funding as the project progresses. We await full details of the latest iteration of the plans, which will shortly go forward for Planning Permission and other funding applications.

During the year we were approached to consider funding the Sand & Gravel campaign, and whilst all trustees were sympathetic to the cause we were unable to give direct assistance due to limitations in our “charitable objects” and also due to the “political” nature of the campaign. The approach did however make us reflect that currently we could not support environmental initiatives and it was felt that this could be desirable and appropriate.

Trustees also felt that we received fewer applications than we might reasonably expect and there was a perception that we only dealt with major schemes which is not the situation. We have therefore spent some time exploring our objects and their implementation and after discussions with the Charity Commission have made some minor changes to our objects, such that we can now consider applications for “protection or conservation of the environment” and we have also added a “catch-all” clause such other matters as may be determined subject to the written prior consent of the Charity Commissioners for England and Wales” which will allow us some flexibility to consider any unexpected applications without need to revisit changing our objects, all of course subject to demonstrable community benefit.

Funds remain available for eligible applications with clear community benefit. We have a standard application form and expect clear explanations of your project with statements of costs and benefits along with appropriate financial evidence of the funding requirement. Approaches can be made to the current Chair John Murphy ( or to any of the Trustees:
Alison Gadsden
Liz Harrison-Hall
Sue Jessett
Mary Peirson
Alan Rhead.

Trustee service is on a three year cycle and if you would be interested in serving as a charity trustee then we would be pleased to hear from you and will always try to have a board representing the full geography and demography of our villages.

Contact details for Barford Charities:
BARFORD ST PETER’S SCHOOL TRUST - The contact is the Trust's Secretary, Helen Clay 624028.

BARFORD RELIEF IN NEED CHARITY TRUST The contact is Mr Terry Offiler, 624153.

BARFORD COMMUNITY CHARITY . The contact is Mr John Murphy, 624421.

Please be assured that all enquires to any of these charities are treated with complete discretion and confidentiality.

Remember they are there to help!

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Do you have a few hours to spare each week?

WRCC Community Cars (formerly Warwick Health Transport) need some help in their Wellesbourne office on a Wednesday morning between 10.00h and 13.00h (Other days possible).

We are looking for an organised and patient person with a pleasant telephone manner who is comfortable using a computer to take bookings from users of our volunteer car scheme.

This is a voluntary role but mileage expenses to and from home will be paid (currently 45p per mile).

To find out more please phone 01789 471595

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I would like to draw your attention to the following webpage at the Warwickshire Direct website:

This regularly updated webpage provides information about current scams in operation, alongside advice on what to do if you think you come across a scam. If you are particularly concerned about scams, please do visit the website for information on how to protect yourself.

Anita Kendall
Area Support Officer
Community Partnership Team

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Becoming BarfordBarford Heritage Group’s book, "Becoming Barford - The story of a Warwickshire Village".

The full colour publication traces the development of the village from a small Anglo-Saxon settlement to the 1960s using over 200 pictures and many reminiscences.

The book is now on sale in Barford Village Shop, price was £12.99, now £9.99.

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Playbox TheatrePlaybox Theatre is one of the UK's leading theatre companies working exclusively with, and for, children and young people aged between 3-19 yrs. The home of Playbox is a beautiful arts complex, The Dream Factory, in Warwick and it is here that workshops, holiday courses and productions take place.

Playbox also has centres across the region, including Stratford-upon-Avon, at Cox's Yard by The River Avon. The company's mission is to develop the imagination, confidence and self-esteem of every young person we work with. Our members have the opportunity to explore a range of performing arts, including mime, movement, voice, film, circus, dance, musical theatre and Shakespeare.

All members take part in weekly training workshops, and every young person has regular opportunities to appear in major productions.

If you would like to know more about Playbox Theatre, please call Emily on 01926 419555 ext.3 or . Lots more information can be found on our website.

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LoveBallet's Show raises thousands for local charities

Over 250 pupils from the leading dance school LoveBallet Dance Company have recently danced their socks off to raise over £3000 for 2 wonderful local charities in their dance show "Peter Pan" which was held in July in Leamington Spa. Children and adults from 3 yrs to 70 yrs danced in the show to raise funds for Dogs for Good (Banbury) and the Children’s Air Ambulance (Based in Warwickshire).

LoveBallet Dance Company offers lessons across Warwickshire, Oxfordshire and Northamptonshire, with their own purpose built studios in Southam, but also other venues across the county too.

We look forward to a seeing our pupils and welcoming new faces too into our LoveBallet Family in September after the summer break. We have exams in the Autumn coming up and a performance at the Royal Albert Hall in London next year too, exciting time.

Details of all our classes are on our website

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Chairman’s Chatter can often send out timely reminders, updates and notices direct to your in boxes. If you do not already receive these from John Murphy AND WOULD LIKE TO DO SO so that you can be added to the circulation list.

The list will not be shared with others, will be sent out as Bcc (so not revealing your email) and will only be used for matters which should reasonably interest/ concern you.

It’s free, easy and just occasionally is the only way to get urgent things out to a wider audience – and you can always hit DELETE or ask to be unsubscribed.

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The Hampton Lucy Grammar School Foundation is an educational charity which provides grants to young people under 25 years of age who live in the parishes of Hampton Lucy, Charlecote, Wasperton and Alveston and who may be at school or in further or higher education or other training programs.

The Trustees consider applications very carefully and, as well as assisting individuals in meeting educational costs, make grants to local schools.

The Trustees would like to hear from parents and from young people who may be in financial need. Provided applicants meet the relevant criteria, the Trustees may award a grant or a series of grants towards the provision of education, training, additional classes or equipment e.g. for music, art, dance, or sports, as well as help towards college or university.

Requests for Grant Application Forms and other enquiries should be sent to the Clerk to the Trustees, Hampton Lucy Grammar School Foundation, Highdown House, 11 Highdown Road, Leamington Spa, Warwickshire CV31 1XT.

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Thanks to the generosity of Barford Parish Council, a Public Access Defibrillator (PAD) was installed in the car park of the Village Shop late in 2011.

This PAD is for use by people who have not been trained in CPR or other first aid procedures when it seems that a person’s heart has stopped, and it complements the work of our trained First Responders. The PAD provides step-by-step vocal prompts so that it can be used by any responsible person.

Should there be an emergency you should still dial 999 and, if there is no First Responder on duty, you will be directed by the emergency services to the PAD with instructions on how to access it. Don’t worry that you won’t know what to do or may do harm; when you open the box a voice gives you clear verbal instructions. If it is not a cardiac arrest, the machine will prompt you not to deliver any shocks.

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Don’t be put off by our name (it’s an historical title that we’ve inherited!). We are a local charity who serve the residents of Barford, Sherbourne and Wasperton and we are here to help in times of unexpected financial demands. This could occur as a result of ill-health, education or retraining fees or many other situations.

Are you finding it a bit of a struggle to make ends meet at the moment? The Barford Trust can help in all sorts of situations, including stretched finances, ill-health or old age expenses, and the cost of improving life chances through education and retraining.

To make an application for help from the Trust you need to reside in Barford, Sherbourne or Wasperton and apply to The Clerk to the Trust, Terry Offiler, at 14, Dugard Place, Barford (Tel. 624153).

Your application will be passed to one of the Trustees who will seek a very informal meeting with you to explore your need and situation on the basis of which the application would then be decided by a meeting of the trustee body.

Please be assured that all enquires are treated with complete discretion and confidentiality.

With thanks
Terry Offiler


The four-year term of office of two of the Barford Relief in Need Charity’s seven Trustees comes to an end in November 2020 and applications are invited from Barford residents with an interest in the village and its people to succeed them.

The Trustees usually meet about six times a year to consider applications for financial assistance as and when they arise, although in current circumstances matters are being dealt with by email and telephone. The Trustee’s role is to contact applicants and report to the Trustee body with an assessment of needs. No formal training is required. Experience is gained by participating in the decisions of the Trustees before visiting and reporting on applicants.

Applications and enquiries should be made to the Clerk to the Charity - telephone 624153,


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Barford, Sherbourne and Wasperton residents living with ill health or injury are being urged to apply for financial assistance to help alleviate their pain and discomfort.

The call comes from the WPH Charitable Trust – a Warwickshire-based body of trustees made up of medical and non-medical professionals – which distributes some £250,000 of financial aid across Coventry and Warwickshire every year.

Individuals and organisations who work towards preventing, relieving and curing ill health are also among those urged to apply.

Grants are also given to community and private projects in the area which aim to improve the lives or quality of life of people battling ill health or injury.

Recent grants include £1,500 for a mobility scooter for a 51-year-old mother who would otherwise find it difficult to get out and about, and £2,000 to a 73-year-old pensioner for a stairlift in his own home. Also, £1,500 towards a project teaching people with mental health issues how to cook and eat healthily, and £1,500 towards a recycling social enterprise project which creates volunteering opportunities for people with learning difficulties or disabilities, who may otherwise find it difficult to find employment.

The criteria for eligibility for a wide range of needs, from research into new technologies to the provision of equipment for personal need. The Trust supports new buildings for hospitals and schools helping with provision of special educational facilities, disabled funding, and access improvements.

David Holt is Chairman of the WPH Charitable Trust trustees. He said: “Whether your application is for an amount large or small, the aim of the WPH Charitable Trust is to offer financial assistance towards projects and equipment which are of benefit to the lives of people.

“If you think you may qualify for assistance, the WPH Charitable Trust actively encourages you to get in touch.”

The Trust was established in 1994 and since then thousands of people across the area have benefited directly or indirectly from Trust funds. For further information, or to make an application, visit the WPH Charitable Trust website :

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When you are out walking have you ever come across an obstructed path, a broken stile or even a sign saying ‘keep out’?

These types of problem should first be reported to the Rights of Way Officer at either the county or unitary council  responsible for the place where the problem occurred. These officers should then take action to ensure that the problem is rectified.

But you can also report these problems to us, either by using our  path problem report form  or via our facebook tool. We will pass the information you provide onto a local Ramblers volunteer who will investigate further.

Many thanks,

Rachel Alcock
Campaigns Officer

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Are you an avid reader but unable to visit your local Library or Mobile Library due to long term ill health or infirmity?

Are you a full-time carer and unable to access a Library?

If you fit these criteria you may benefit from this Service.

The Home Library Delivery Service offers a service directly to your door using Age UK volunteers in all areas of the County.

We can supply books in both ordinary print and Large Print, books on cassette or cd and jigsaws.

If you would be interested in receiving this service, please contact the Home Delivery and Mobile Library Service on (01926) 851031.

Click here for more details.

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Scottish Country DancingAfter almost 20 years of Barford Scottish Country Dancing in the Memorial Hall, we have decided to end our meetings on Friday evenings due to falling numbers. This was extremely frustrating for our wonderful and patient teacher Margaret Baker who over the years has been our guiding light.

I would like to thank all the Barford, Warwick & Leamington dancers for their support over the years. Some from the early years to those who joined more recently. We have had tremendous fun and the trips north to Crieff on several occasions were memorable.

Please note anyone who wishes to continue their skills with Scottish Country Dancing with Margaret’s expert tuition can do so on Thursday evenings in Leamington Spa. Please contact me for further details and we might be able to arrange a car rota.

Hilary Rhead

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Whilst walking my dog recently near the river in Wasperton, I noticed a swan, which looked very unwell and I wanted to do something to help it.

After a little research online I discovered Wychbold Swan Rescue, a registered charity, and called them to see if they could help.

They came along and rescued the stricken swan and I have now heard that they have managed to dislodge the fishing hook and line, which was stuck in the poor creature’s throat and the swan is making a good recovery at their Sanctuary near Droitwich. Once it is well enough they will release it back to its natural habitat.

They have given permission for their contact details to be published, should anyone else need to contact them.

Click here for their website.

Angela Chambers

A resident from Sherbourne reports:

We found a swan with a broken wing on the Avon near Sherbourne. Thanks to the information on the website and in Plurality we were able to ring Wychbold Swan Rescue and they came to collect the injured pen and also took her mate. She has now had the infected wing removed and is doing well; her mate is very attentive to her!

Thank you to the Wasperton resident who alerted readers to the Wychbold Swan Rescue.

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Take Care When Switching Energy Suppliers

Warwickshire County Council Trading Standards has had reports of "rogue" energy sellers operating locally who will say anything to gain access to your property. One claimed to be a "council home energy surveyor"; another claimed that he had been sent out to check meters in the area because of a report of "overcharging on tariffs" and carried a device similar to those used to record meter readings; a third claimed that the gas and electricity meter had been mis-calibrated.

New rules introduced this year to protect consumers state that:

  • Salespeople must carry a badge giving their name and that of the company

  • They must give you a written quotation before the sale goes through

  • If you have a pre payment meter you can now owe up to £200 and be able to switch

Trading Standards advises:

If you really want to do business on the doorstep, do not switch on the first visit - get the written quotation and then check out whether it really is a better deal by using a price comparison website e.g.

If it really is better for you, arrange for the agent to call back at a later date to suit you.

For more advice on problems with shopping or buying services, contact Consumer Direct on 08454 04 05 06.

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Caring for older people is often rewarding – but it can be tiring too. Whether you are a live-in carer or whether you just keep an eye on an elderly relative, you cannot do it 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Jephson Plus, Sheltered Housing Service offer short term respite care (not nursing or personal care) in Huntley Lodge, a sheltered housing scheme in Leamington Spa. A stay here can be a good way to find out what it is like to live in sheltered housing.

The charge for a week at Huntley Lodge is £299. This includes all meals, electricity, heating, hot water and social activities.

To find out more or arrange a visit, please call Liz on 01926 313838.

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Opening hours may vary during holiday periods. This recycling centre is closed bank holidays.




Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday

9.30 - 15.15

9.30 - 15.15


9.30 - 15.15

9.30 - 18.15

Saturday and Sunday

8.30 - 16.15

8.30 - 17.15

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Meetings on the second Monday of the month 2.00pm to 4.00pm at Sydni Centre, Marloes Walk, Sydenham.

Contact Secretary 01926 853023
Freephone Helpline 0808 800 0303

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Allotments Can you dig it?

Allotments are proving extremely popular these days, and Barford is fortunate in having two allotment areas.

Unusually, we have a small number of our allotments available at the moment. Initially we are offering these to new tenants. If you are interested please contact Jane Stamp (624084). Rents are £30 per year per unit payable in advance.

Contact for the Parish Council allotments is Roger Clay on    01926 624028

Contact for the Church Allotments is Jane Stamp on 01926 624084.

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A small number of people have generously offered to act as drivers for those in the three parishes who find themselves in difficulty in reaching hospital, doctors, dentists, chemists and in emergency situations.

Should you need some help, please telephone me and we will try very hard to find someone who is able to offer transport. It may not always be possible but we will do our best.

Barbara Winstone 624595

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Compost BinWarwickshire County Council is part of a nationwide "Compost at Home" campaign. The campaign encourages residents to transform their kitchen and garden waste into nutrient-rich compost for a blooming garden.

Residents are being encouraged to put their compostable kitchen and garden waste to good use by ordering one of the scheme’s subsidised compost bins. The Council have teamed up with WRAP (the Waste and Resources Action Programme) to provide the bins — along with a free guide to composting and a handy sticker highlighting what can and can’t go in — delivered direct to people’s doors. The Warwickshire scheme will play its part in the nation-wide drive covering 6.5 million households across England and Scotland to promote the recycling of kitchen and garden waste and reduce the amount of rubbish sent to landfill.

Nearly two thirds of kitchen and garden waste can be tipped straight in the compost bin. You might be surprised to discover that it’s not just fruit and vegetable peelings and prunings that can go in either — cardboard, eggshells and teabags make for great compost too. Composting means hugely cutting down on the amount of waste we put out for collection — not to mention a beautiful garden to enjoy as well.

WRAP is helping to provide Warwickshire residents with compost bins starting from £5, including delivery. People eager to start home composting should call 0845 073 2001 to order their bin.

A Home Composting Advisor is working closely with Warwickshire County Council. Local residents can call 0845 600 0323 for advice and information on home composting, or click to visit their website.

For further information contact: Penny Holmes, WRAP 07985 953184 or

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Parent Baby and Toddler Group

Friendly group meets at Barford Scout Hut 10.00 – 11.30 am every Thursday during school term time.

For more information, call Catherine Steed on 419770 or just drop in on a Thursday.

Click here for more information.

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The following services are provided by the Environmental Health Department at Warwick District Council:

Rats: treated free of charge

Bedbugs, fleas, cockroaches, wasps, mice: there is a charge made for these treatments with the exception of those who claim income based benefits, or half price for those receiving state pensions, proof of which will need to be seen by the Pest Control Operator.

Pests not treated: bees, bats, squirrels, wild cats, rabbits, foxes, ants and other insect pests. However, advice can be given.

For further information, telephone 01926 450000 for service or 01926 456705 for advice, or log onto

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Did you know you could have your own Barford e-mail address, for example

The cost is a very reasonable £10 for two years.

E-mails received at your Barford e-mail address can be forwarded on to any existing e-mail address that you already have, and this forwarding can be changed at any time at no cost. This would give you the flexibility to change your internet service provider (ISP) without needing to change your e-mail address. Alternatively, you can use the Barford e-mail address directly, by setting up an e-mail account in Outlook for example.

The website has recently moved to a new hosting service, and we can provide an improved service with effective spam protection.

Phone Keith Roberts on (07748) 644515, or e-mail the Website Group via the Contact Us page, for full details.

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The following phone numbers may be useful:

Environmental Crime Hotline, for reporting abandoned vehicles, fly tipping, refuse and recycling issues:

Phone: (01926) 456339
Fax: (01926) 456753

Click here to email environmental problems to Warwick District Council.

Reporting fly-posting on street furniture (lampposts, benches etc): (01926) 412525
Reporting fly-posting on WDC property: (01926) 416523
Reporting graffiti on WDC property: (01926) 456031

Crimestoppers: 0800 555 111

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The Rural Housebound Service is a partnership between the Warwickshire Library and Information Service and Age Concern Warwickshire. It offers a free library service to housebound people living in rural areas of the county. A team of thirty volunteers assist with the selection of books and their delivery to readers throughout the county.

If you live within rural Warwickshire, do not have access to transport or do not have family or friends who can regularly exchange library books for you and you are unable to visit your local library or mobile library, you will qualify for this service. Two volunteers will visit your home once a month, bringing a selection of books, stories on tape, music cassettes or jigsaws. You may request any item free of charge and we can also help you with any information enquiries.

This is a free service. If you think you are eligible for this service or know of someone who might benefit from receiving it, please contact: Debbie Sly, Rural Housebound Service, Kenilworth Library, 11 Smalley Place, Kenilworth CV8 1QG, call (01926) 851031 or click here for the website.

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High Street, Barford

If you would like your organisation or event to be added to these community pages, please send us details using the ContactUs link.