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Commentary on activity in our three parishes and may also contain information, which has not yet passed before the full JPC, in which electors may have an interest, all written from the perspective of the JPC, responsible to all three parishes.

The official minutes are written by the Clerk and RFO of the Council, and are not moderated by anyone prior to their approval at a subsequent meeting. Copies of the official minutes are available on this website.

Updated June 2024


All three Annual Parish Meetings took place in May and all attracted a good attendance with vigorous discussion and information sharing. DRAFT Minutes are now on the Barford Community website, for your information and reference, and they will stay there until approved at the 2025 APMs

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This was held on Monday May 13th. John Murphy and John Barrott were duly elected as Chair and Vice-Chair respectively. Appointments were made to the Planning, Disciplinary and Appeals Committees. Also members were appointed to the Emergency Working Party and a new Tech/PR Working Party.

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Repair works were started the last week in April but once the very thick moss was removed it became obvious that more serious, and no doubt much more expensive, renovations would be needed. The contract was therefore terminated and further quotations acquired for full roof replacement.

It is now proposed to remove all the tils and to renew the lathes and felt, which had almost disintegrated. Many of the tiles can be recycled and we believe we can source matching used tiles for one face. The hip design requires the use of clay “bonnets” which are particularly fragile, and scarce as used items, so may need to be new versions. The increased costs will be funded from our reserves.

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It is over five years since our last HNS and to remain current it must be repeated. The survey has a strict basic format and must register NEED, as opposed to simple aspiration, particularly where any aspiration is impractical, unaffordable or not related to an actual HOUSING need – therefore the wish for a larger garden, a couple of acres of paddock or an oversize house will not be included. What can be included is the need for more bedrooms for growing families and the need to downsize for older residents.

The survey covers all forms of residence, both private and social sectors and rental and purchase. We will be using the standard questionnaire plus some additions to clarify the needs for (or not) the provision of age-related housing as identified in Policy B3 of the Barford Neighbourhood Development Plan. Please watch out for the survey which will probably arrive in September and do complete it to help us achieve the correct types of housing in the future.

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At the time of writing we have established a Staffing Committee and are at the interview stage. We have had significant interest in the position and this has translated into several candidates shortlisted for interview and hopefully an appointment is imminent. We are hoping to have someone in position in early June with a two-month induction/transition period to smooth the journey for all concerned. Watch this space…

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We can often send out timely reminders, updates and notices direct to your email in boxes. If you do not already receive these AND WOULD LIKE TO DO SO click here to send an e-mail please contact John Murphy so that you can be added to the circulation list.

The list will not be shared with others, will be sent out as Bcc (so not revealing your email) and will only be used for matters which should reasonably interest/ concern you.

It’s free, easy and just occasionally is the only way to get urgent things out to a wider audience – and you can always hit DELETE or ask to be unsubscribed.

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The Chairman of the JPC has asked that a record of JPC members' attendance be published on the website.

Click here to download record of attendance at JPC meetings in 2023/ 24 (PDF file) Updated March 2024

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The next JPC Meeting will be held on Monday 8th July 2024 at 7:30pm in Barford Memorial Hall.

Click here for Notices of JPC and Planning Committee meetings, and the Minutes of previous meetings.

Click here for a list of all JPC meeting dates in 2024/ 25.

There is always a session for “ Public Participation ” early in the agenda (four minutes maximum per person) when we are happy to hear and note your concerns or questions. To attend in person there may be Covid requirements depending on the local situation at the time and at the discretion of the Chair. As a minimum there will be appropriate ventilation and air filtration in place.

Alternatively, you may submit “your views” to or phone/ email the Chairman, John Murphy, on 624421 or 07710 033444 or or the Clerk, James Johnson at or contact any of the Parish Councillors about any matters you wish to bring to our attention.

An agenda for each meeting will be posted in advance on village notice boards  and on this website. Residents are also encouraged to email myself (see below), or contact any of the Parish Councillors or the Clerk, James Johnson.

John Murphy
Chairman 624421 or 07710 033444

Click here to e-mail.

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  Barford Neighbourhood Development Plan