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1st Barford Scouts

Warwickshire scouts


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Local Fundraising :
A Quiz (with a supper) in the hut is proposed for April and a ‘pop-up pub’ in May – watch Notice Boards and website for more details.

Grant Funding :
We are moving forward with this and are revising our business plan to include more information.

Website :
Our Website ( ) is 5 years old now and could do with some TLC. I s there anyone out there with time and/or skills that could help with this task? Please get in touch if you think you could help.

Rod Scott 624434

The quiz night was a great success which resulted in a grand profit of £930 thanks to generous buying of raffle tickets and surprising bar takings!

My thanks especially to Quiz Master John Barrott and my team of helpers on the night who made it so worthwhile.

Hilary Maynard


After 12 years our Brownie leader is going to retire so we need a new leader to take this on. It is a big commitment for one – but if there are 2 or 3 people who would like to work together it is rewarding and can even be enjoyable. There is a thriving Brownie unit of about 14 girls and plenty of equipment. Uniforms and training are provided. Anyone who thinks they might be able to help please contact Hilary Burvill (01926 624950). The Brownies in Barford have a long history and it would be a great shame if we let them lapse.

Hilary writes:
“After running 1st Barford Brownies for many years, it is now time for someone else to take on the girls. I have really enjoyed the challenge of giving our youngsters the opportunity to blossom, learn new skills and become more independent. Should anyone out there be interested in taking on this fun and rewarding role please contact me. As an extra incentive, any new leader would have the potential opportunity to work in a brand new community hall, once it has been built!”


New Website

or Facebook

The more "likes" we get, the stronger our position will be when applying for grants!

Rod Scott - Chairman

‘Hilary’s Quiz’
Hilary’s quiz for April is all about Furniture. Why not have a go? Copies available from the Village Shop. Only £1 a go!

Answers - Time

midnight, decade, second, season, sundial, timetable, seize the day, dawn, night, evening, calendar, aeon, International Date Line, watch, dog watch, time gentlemen please, week, present, instant, period, hour glass, eternity, centenary, time flies, minute, date, epoch, day, a stitch in time, infinity, century, clock, Big Ben, almanac, noon, quarter days, semester, cuckoo clock, pocket watch, morning, year, Old Father Time, era, British Summer Time, sunrise, diary, twilight, light year, future, leap year.

This quiz must have been easier as there were 9 correct entries and the winner was Hannah Williams. I received an entry all the way by email from New Zealand from a regular quizzer on holiday. This shows dedication. I also received an entry from a lady in Coventry enclosing £5 so £112.70 has gone into the funds.

The total so far raised from these quizzes is now over £4000 so thank you to all my regular participants.


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Rainbows / Guides :
Brownies are the only junior group for girls only so we are looking for someone who might want to start Rainbows (younger girls) or Guides (older girls). If anyone would like more information please contact me

Rod Scott—Chairman—624434

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Come and join 1st Barford Scout Group.

Cubs - Tuesdays
Beavers and Scouts - Thursdays

Click here for more details. (PDF)

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Volunteer leaders at 1st Barford Scout Group are looking for more adults to join them. You can choose the age group of the children that you would enjoy most to help with - Beavers are 6 to 8 years old, Cubs are aged 8 to 10 or Scouts aged 10 to 13 no previous experience is necessary as you will be working alongside the existing leadership team. Each age group provides very exciting opportunities for the children and presents its own challenges and rewards.

The role will only take one evening each week plus occasional meetings to plan the term’s activity. An ability to work with young people is required; all sections include both boys and girls. Now is the time for you to volunteer to become a helper, so get in touch with the Group Scout Leader, Martin Russell on 07882 851768 or via

Barford Scouts Supporters Group

This group runs the Scout hut on Wasperton Lane and supports the uniformed Youth groups. We have spaces in the ‘100’ club that raises vital funds but also need occasional help with maintaining the building and grounds. If you would like to help, either by joining the 100 club (£12 p.a.), or by doing some occasional gardening, please contact the chairman – Rod Scott on 624434 .

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Scouts and Guides