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We are still waiting for WCC to inform us when this next consultation will begin. (Delay caused by Planning Officer illness). When it starts, we will only have 6 weeks to have the documentation reviewed and the information rolled out to the community.

As soon as we have a date confirmed and we receive the advice from our Professionals about the best way in which to object we will do another letter drop to ensure that every household is kept abreast of the situation. So please do keep your eyes open for any letter drop from the Sand and Gravel Committee. It is entirely possible that the consultation will run over the Christmas period (as it has for the two previous consultations!) If this is the case the new Community Magazine will be in operation - so please do review that for information updates too.

There will be a meeting to roll out the Professional’s advice and to guide residents how to complete the response forms. We will offer smaller workshops and conduct house to house calls to try to encourage and help as many individuals to respond.

It is important to note that we need as many responses as possible – several per household where appropriate. The professionals have advised that large numbers of objections (even if they are not presented with the exact terminology the council request) will go in our favour. The more we can get the stronger our case will be.

To simplify and explain there are 3 stages left:

 This next consultation (somewhere between now and Xmas)

 Then the plan is submitted to and examined by the Inspector in public and

 Then the plan is agreed and adopted

Once the plan is adopted then developers will be able to put in a Planning Permission Application to commence works. Although this would be a planning application and residents will be able to object – the extent to which we will be able to influence at this stage will be getting some measures of mitigation / conditions agreed (but as we all know, as with Taylor Wimpey in Bremridge many of the conditions are very hard to police and enforce).

It is really important that we all know and understand the following: -

If a site is included in the plan then it carries a Presumption of Grant at the planning permission stage – in other words -the planning will be granted (with the potential to influence conditions only)

Objecting at Planning Application stage IS TOO LATE -
Act at this next consultation and OBJECT

Visit the website for more details

If you are concerned about the future of the village and wish to help preserve it – please visit our website for more information.

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