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The “new” draft plan was made public on Monday 16th July. This can be viewed on the Barford Residents Association Website.

In brief, this plan showed the removal of Site 5 (Glebe Farm) and Site 7 (Salford Priors). Due to reduced demand the tonnage required by the County to allocate has reduced from 8.48 to 6.525 million tonnes. With the removal of sites 5 and 7, a surplus of 0.985 million tonnes has been left in the plan as a “catch all” in the event of a site not being able to deliver as expected.

WCC Cabinet met on 24th July and agreed to move forward to a full council vote on the 28th July. Many thanks to our community speakers who made it very clear to planners and councillors alike that we as a community were hugely disappointed that Site 4 (the very large site running the length of the A429 from Wasperton Farm to Marl Pitts and beyond) is continuing to be promoted in the plan. Our speakers raised significant points of objection to the Cabinet and made it quite clear that as a community we would be continuing to oppose their proposal to promote site 4. There was a large group of supporters from our villages adding weight to the strength of feeling. Many thanks to all who attended.

Regrettably there were few councillor attendees to vote at the Full Council meeting on 26th July with the vast majority voting to move the plan forward in its current format.

This means the next part of the process will be a 6 week public consultation commencing in either September or October. We have now all been through this twice before and we must stress how essential it will be for as many individual members of the community to get behind this phase of the process and respond as vehemently as possible with hard facts.

We will again organise information sessions to help the community understand how best they may respond. Below is the new timeline.

Activity Proposed time
Public Consultation September / October
Consultation Closure October / November
Submission to Secretary of State Spring 2019
Examination in Public Summer 2019
Inspectors Report Autumn / Winter 2019
Plan Adopted Spring 2020

We will notify of action required (as and when we receive it) via the BRA website and email alerts, on village noticeboards, notices on lampposts, in the village shop, in the pubs and in the Plurality (if the timings for publishing) allow. Please do keep your eyes and ears peeled and help us spread the information as widely across the villages as possible. We need a really good push on these responses.

Thank you in anticipation of your support in this next phase.

Visit the website for more details

If you are concerned about the future of the village and wish to help preserve it – please visit our website for more information.

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