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Attention! Your Community Needs You!

Quarry Update – our fight is not over!

Thank you to all of you who were able to attend the up-date meeting on Monday 8th April. It was a great oppor-tunity to let you know what the next steps are and how we can all help stop the quarry.

The objections to the proposed allocation have been submitted to Warwickshire County Council: now it is time to campaign against the landowner – St John’s College, Oxford. Professor Snowling is the president of the college and is part of the committee which decides how their land portfolio is used. Since they own the land, they have the power to stop the quarry.

A group of concerned mothers from the village emailed Professor Margaret Snowling citing our grave concerns for the health of our children as well as the adults of our community. We received a response from “Maggie”, however there was nothing positive in the email. She pushed it back to Warwickshire County Council, assuring us they were taking all steps to make sure the quarry is safe. We have sent a response to Professor Snowling and will update you as soon as we hear back. The next steps:

Step 1 - Bombard Professor Snowling with emails and letters voicing our concerns.

We have prepared a number of letter/email templates for you to use. To maximise their impact, we want to send the letters and emails in batches, so there will be a constant flow of correspondence to Professor Snowling. We want to show how serious we are and how we are not going to go away quietly. For a copy of the letter/email templates, please email

Emails will be sent to BRA members informing you they are also on the website. If you would prefer to write your own letter that is fine but please keep us informed

Step 2 - Protest at the College – Tuesday 28th May 2019

Who would like a day out to Oxford to protest outside St John’s College. Those with young children will only need to do a 20 minute slot. We will organise a coach for a small contribution of £10 per adult and £1.50 per child to cover costs.

Please register your interest as soon as possible to help us plan and by Friday 10th May at the latest. Email Jennie

Step 3 Leaflet upcoming College open days on 3 & 4 July

A group of us plan to go to the college for the open days and hand out leaflets to prospective students highlighting the College’s intentions and the harm the quarry will cause.

Step 4 A twitter account has been set up for the campaign.

Please join Twitter and follow, comment and retweet!

Step 5 Contacting the JCR (Junior Common Room) at the college. The college prides itself on having excellent environmental policies. The students and prospective students could have influence on stopping the college’s land being used for mineral extraction. This procedure is not good for the environment or people!

Please send in your email address to to assist us with the campaign against Professor Snowling and the college. We will keep you updated.

Barford Residents’ Association
AGM plus Sand and Gravel Update

The 2019 BRA AGM will be held on Monday 20th May at 7.30 pm in the Memorial Hall. All Residents are welcome.

Rod Scott – Caretaker Chairman.
Ed Kirkby, Stephanie Steel, Ellie Lees – Committee

Visit the website for more details

If you are concerned about the future of the village and wish to help preserve it – please visit our website for more information.

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