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Update from the Committee

Well - the long-awaited update from the planners was eventually posted on the portal.

Warwickshire Minerals Plan

Submission of Plan

November 2019

Examination in Public

April 2020

Inspector’s Report

October 2020

Plan Adopted

December 2020

As you can see there is very little information other than they will release “the plan” together with the response to the consultation at the same time as they submit to The Inspectorate. However, since this update we have been informed that due to personal reasons and staff leaving it may be difficult to adhere to the above - and now, there’s an election which could have all sorts of ramifications!!

On a more positive note. As a result of our Parliamentary Labour Candidate for Warwick and Leamington, Matt Western, raising our case in the House of Commons recently we have launched another strand to our campaign. A meeting was held on Wednesday 13 th November during which the above was disseminated. Our new campaign to get stand offs (buffer zones) standardised across England at a minimum of 1000 metres due to serious health concerns for local residents is underway.

A petition entitled Protect the Health of People who Live near Quarries, has been launched – (We are going National) and we are asking all villagers, friends, family, campaigners for the environment and any contact you may have to sign as a matter of urgency. We are sincerely hoping that this will go viral and MPs will support from within the House. It’s a big aspiration but if we don’t give it our all we will always regret it so please, please, please,……. get signing.!!!


Further information and the link shown below to Matt Western’s debate in the House of Commons may also be found on the Barford Residents website: (go to 20.41 on the clock).

Wishing you all a Merry Christmas and Happy, Healthy and Successful 2020.

This is a good time to update you with the changes on the committee and we are delighted to welcome new members to the team, which now is:

Stephanie and Andy Steel, Val and Malcolm Eykyn, Alison Wither, Charlotte Morgan, Jenny O’Sullivan and Nicky Hendry

Further details are on the website.

Remember your community needs you to help stop this threat to our villages and our lives!

Visit the website for more details.

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