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Update from the Committee

An Inspector Calls!!!
Planning Inspector Stephen Normington will open proceedings at 10 am at Warwick Racecourse on June 3rd. The hearing is expected to last 2 days. All contact regarding the inspection is via the Programme Organiser, Ian Kemp. For full details of the inspection go to Warwickshire Minerals and follow link to examination website.

The Inspector has responded to our queries with:

From my reading of the representations to date, the only issue with substantial representations in terms of allocations is the site at Wasperton. Therefore, I anticipate that this will form the majority of the discussions on that afternoon………However, I anticipate that the individual site discussions will primarily be in respect of Wasperton.

He continues:

I assume that Mr Steel and colleagues on the Residents Association will be seeking a limited number of participants from the Association to participate in the discussion of the relevant issues with the Council to ensure that we can conduct the hearing in an efficient, productive and effective manner. However, I place no restriction on the number of persons who wish to observe.

We therefore need to understand which members of the community wish to speak in order to plan our response at the hearing. If you wish to be involved in this please email asap but no later than 15th March. Speakers will need to prepare and submit a Hearing Statement by 22 April but again please co-ordinate this through us.

We will arrange ‘observers’ later on but please put 3rd and 4th June in your diary as we need to ensure we have a constant flow of keen and interested observers at the hearing.

What can you do to help?

We are feeling Very Positive about the Inspector's remarks to date so what we need now is your help to raise the funds URGENTLY to support this Final Push.

Without you, we can’t save our village.

We urgently need to raise funds for the Professional expertise (£15,000) to represent us so please do what you can to help. There will be a leaflet drop / door knocking with envelopes for you to fill with your hard earned cash and dropped at the Village Shop. There are also lots of Sand and Gravel envelopes in the Village shop for you to put cash or cheques in (payable to Barford Residents Association) and hand to the volunteers behind the counter and for those of you who would prefer to do a bank transfer the details are: TSB. Barford Residents Association. Sort Code 77-74-59. Account No. 01404960

Plus, a Go Fund Me Page: (no commission site).

So please, whether you can help a little or a lot, every donation really helps.

We hope you can help us where you can to protect our children and the rest of our community.



to help keep our village safe for us, our children, our grandchildren and the future generations that will follow.

This is also a good time to update you with the changes on the committee and we are delighted to welcome new members to the team, which now is:

Stephanie and Andy Steel, Val and Malcolm Eykyn, Alison Wither, Charlotte Morgan, Jenny O’Sullivan and Nicky Hendry

Further details are on the website.

Remember your community needs you to help stop this threat to our villages and our lives!

Visit the website for more details.

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