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Below is the reply from WCC Planning officer, Tony Lyons, in response to detailed and persistent requests for further information on what is happening now (afraid it doesn’t tell us much!!)

“Thank you for your email seeking an update on where we are on the Minerals Plan. We posted an update on the Council website following the closure of the consultation period setting out our position and that remains the current situation. As in the past we will use this method of communication with any interested parties if there is any further news on progress with the plan.

We are checking and inputting details of all the representations we received through the various media on our consultation portal as we have done so on the two previous consultations.

It will not be possible to fast track the uploading of the comments because only a very few respondents have used the portal so this task will have to be completed manually and will take time to complete. Therefore, we are not in a position to quote final numbers of representations. We are also looking at the representations raised on all the various policies in the plan not just those relating to the allocated sites and considering what, if any, response may be required.

The two resolutions in the minutes of the Full Council meeting held on 26th July 2018 set out what we have authority to do to progress the minerals plan. We have the authority to submit the plan for independent examination but we are required to determine whether main modifications should be proposed as a result of the publicising the plan in consultation with the Portfolio Holder for Transport and Planning and now the Strategic Director for Communities following changes to the officer management structure of the Council.

Until the above tasks are completed, we will not be in a position to clarify the timeframe set out in the Local Development Scheme submitted to Full Council on 26th July 2018 and provide further details. This is the same situation for any discussions with PINS Planning Inspectorate about submission. PINS require us to complete a service level agreement with them about the process of submission and independent examination but we cannot do this until the above tasks are completed. At the moment I am not aware of any periods of political purdah which may impact on the submission of the plan.”

In the meantime, a group of ardent supporters are formulating our strategy on our next target, St John’s College. We are sure we will need village support in the near future, to lobby the college, the student’s union and make our presence known in both the local Press and the City of Oxford. Watch this space for further details.

NB. The website is updated as and when we receive information. It would be helpful if you could join BRA as a member (free! and takes 2 minutes). Members receive an update as and when there is an update! Many thanks for your continued support and roll on Spring!

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If you are concerned about the future of the village and wish to help preserve it – please visit our website for more information.

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