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  St John the Baptist, Wasperton




All Saint's Day - The Fourth Sunday Before Advent








Remembrance Sunday - The Third Sunday Before Advent



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The Second Sunday Before Advent








The Feast of Christ the King



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Coffee Stop will be held in Wasperton Village Hall on Saturday 7th November from 10.30 am until 12.00 noon. All are welcome. We look forward to seeing you.

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Thank you to all who joined us for our Harvest Lunch and especially to the cooks and all who helped with the preparations.

Many thanks to all who decorated the church so beautifully and for the donations to the Fosse Food Bank.

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It is very much appreciated that so many villagers gave so generously to our Gift Day. We are hoping to install new lighting scheme to enhance our lovely church.

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It was with sadness but also many happy memories that residents of Wasperton attended the ‘Service of Thanksgiving’ for the life of Pete Upstone. Pete had farmed Glebe Farm since 1969 and was often seen driving his tractor through the village on the way to tend his sheep. He was a familiar member of our village community, often attending church and social events especially Harvest and Quiz Nights. We shall all miss him and our sympathy goes to Pat, Ian, Lynne and all the family.

Pat, Ian & Lynne would like to than k everyone for the cards, flowers, donations and support given to them following their sad loss of Peter. Thank you to the many people who attended Peter’s funeral and to the Reverend David Jessett for the lovely service.

A special ‘thank you’ to all our neighbours and friends for their help and support during Peter’s long illness.

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The first 100 Club draw was made at the Coffee Stop in March. We are very grateful to Chris White MP who drew the numbers and the winners were:

Sue Hindley, Sandra Burbidge and Daphne Ainge.

It was a very good morning with many delicious savouries, cakes and local produce available at the Pantry and Produce Sale.

There are still numbers available for the 100 Club. If you would like to take this opportunity to help the village – and give yourself a chance to win cash prizes - or are interested and would like to find out more, contact Diana Phillips, 100 Club Lottery Administrator,

Tel: 01926 624947 or Email: dianamphillips@gmail.com.

Remember: You have to be In to Win!

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If you ever need a card in a hurry, one with a special greeting or just a supply of notelets, my whole range is on display at DOVECOTE WASPERTON – the last bungalow on the right. You are welcome to look with no obligation to buy but remember all proceeds go to our village hall and church.

Please do call in and/or phone.
SYLVIA FENWICK 01926 624 401

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A commemorative booklet on the rededication of the war memorial in Wasperton has now been published and is available at £1 per copy.

It consists of 24 pages of A5 in black and white including a centre spread showing colour photos taken on the day of the rededication.

Details are given of the two crashes by the River Avon during World War II, the recovery of aircraft parts from the Avon in 1976 and the subsequent construction and dedication of the memorial in 1977. A report is given of the rededication of the memorial on 9th April 2011 .

Copies of the booklet can be obtained from Kath Wright on 01926 624088.

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At the Wasperton Annual Parish Meeting it was suggested that an email directory for Wasperton might be created to facilitate the speedy distribution of information. The Parish Clerk (a registered Data Controller) would be the custodian, ensuring that no email addresses were released to third parties.

Any resident of Wasperton who wishes to be added to the directory should

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In response to our request last month for people to donate books, we have now received a new supply. Please continue to support this scheme by buying the books (only 50p each) and continuing to donate any spare ones you have. We are grateful to those of you who have already made donations of books.

Many thanks,
John & Kath

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For decades scholars have puzzled over the true story of settlement in Britain between the fifth and eight centuries. Did the Romans leave? Did the Anglo-Saxons invade? What happened to the British? New light on these questions comes unexpectedly from Wasperton, where archaeologists had the good fortune to excavate a complete cemetery and its prehistoric setting in the 1980's.

In a new book, "Wasperton - A Roman, British and Anglo-Saxon Community in Central England", the authors have put this variety of burial practice into a credible sequence, and built up a picture of life at the time. Here there were people who were culturally Roman, British and Anglo-Saxon, pagan and Christian in continuous use of the same graveyard and drawing on a common inheritance. Here we can see the beginnings of England and the people who made it happen - not the kings, warriors and preachers, but the ordinary folk obliged to make their own choices: choices about what nation to build and which religion to follow.

A review in the journal British Archaeology states 'Careful arguments result in the beautifully written story of a community going through massive cultural changes. This is groundbreaking stuff ..''

Click here for full details of this new book.

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Two publications have been produced within the last few years, showing the history and development of the Parish of Wasperton:

Wasperton Chronicle is a 143 page hard back book, measuring 21.5 x 30 cm, published privately by Victor Oubridge.

Victor was a resident of Wasperton from 1948 until 2001 during which time he researched the history of the village from the period of the Domesday Book until the Second World War. A brief epilogue was later added which brings the history up to 1999. The work includes the development of farms within the Parish and the development of Wasperton village. A series of maps, the earliest dating from 1686, photographs, and pictures further enhance this interesting and informative book.

Wasperton Only is a 35 page booklet measuring 20.8 x 29.6 cm, published by Wasperton residents in 2000 to celebrate the Millennium. The idea was to produce a record of life in Wasperton at the turn of the century, such as information on population statistics, where people work and shop, religious and social life and leisure activities. Also included are details of St John the Baptist Church and other buildings in the village, a brief history of Wasperton, details of archaeological finds, a map of the Parish footpaths, lists of flora and fauna identified in the Parish, as well as photographs and other illustrations.

These publications are priced as follows:

Wasperton Chronicle is unfortunately now out of print and there is unlikely to be another print run. However, copies are available in Warwick Library, telephone 01926 412189.

Wasperton Only is available for purchase at £4.00 to include postage and packing

If you are interested in purchasing "Wasperton Only", please send a cheque for £4.00 per copy payable to St John the Baptist Wasperton to Mrs K Wright, 8 Farriers Court, Wasperton, Warwick CV35 8EB. For further information please telephone 01926 624088.

Proceeds from Wasperton Only will be given to help maintain Wasperton village hall. Thank you for your interest and we look forward to hearing from you.

If you would like further information, please use the "Contact us" link above.

Please note that we cannot take responsibility for items which go astray in the post. Please contact us on the website if you would like some form of postal insurance. There will be an additional charge for this.

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