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  St John the Baptist, Wasperton





Updated February 2020

When the cat in February lies in
the sun, she will creep behind
the stove in March.

When the North wind does not blow
in February, it will surely come
in March.

The first part of this saying proclaims a warm February will be followed by a cold March. The tests over 40 years show a 49 % result. The second maxim gave a 69% result, The great annual maximum in northerlies happens in Spring with a gradual build up in February and March . That figures, for we always seem to have some very cold spells in both months don’t we ? The general weather situation in February after storms at the end of January into February brings a quiet anticyclonic period usually from the 8th to the 16th with the maximum around the 13th. Giving us cold, frosty and foggy weather . Then another cold spell come along about the 21st to the 25th followed by a late stormy few days 26th February to the 9th March with North winds. Something to look forward to eh ?

 Mind you with the longer days coming now, we can cope with a bit of cold, spring is just around the corner. All the signs are in the Churchyard as every year, snow drops, winter aconites and wild crocus all smiling away at us. Do have a peep. Checking the bird nest boxes is the next job, cleaning and repairing, you know how it goes. Our Churchyard had a Christmas present, a first I think. Tony presented a new bug box, for bees mostly It seems. I have fixed it up to one of our large fir trees, a very good time really as it will be well weathered by the autumn and I hope more acceptable to the bees. Wasn’t that a kindness? Included was a packet of wild flower seeds which I have spread, they should give us a show in June. A big thanks to Tony.

We have kept our wild birds, they have been taking the nuts and seed very regularly, as have the grey squirrels, the blighters. I know they are wild but I still regard them as the main force against our own red squirrels. I must get a couple of the half globe plastic covers to fit over the top of the feeders, they work very well I’m told , the squirrels can’t get around them. 

Here’s looking forward to a wild 2020, in the Churchyard at least, with plenty to see. Thanks for all your support and a very late Happy New Year to you.

Mike Porter
01926 624909

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