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  St John the Baptist, Wasperton





Updated September 2021

If dry be the buck’s horn
On Holyrood morn,
Tis worth a kist of gold;
But if wet it be seen
Ere Holyrood e’en,
Bad harvest is foretold.

This adage comes from Yorkshire and it has a 34% chance of being correct which in my book is rated as poor. But a lot of the grain harvest is in now so it won’t matter.

Holyrood or Holycross is the 14th September, which is about all I can tell you. Except that it refers to the true cross restored to Jerusalem in AD 629 by the Byzantine emperor Heraclius after it had fallen into the hands of the Persian Emperor, Chosroes ll.

The most frequent weather pattern in September is the three dry periods known as the ”Old wives summer” which in turn are followed by wet stormy days. The dry spells normally occur 7th -10th, 16th - 21st and 30th as anticyclones move east across the UK. The most common time for gales and depressions is around the 24th. The buck’s horn might just manage to stay dry with a bit of luck!

In the Churchyard this month we must cut back all the wild growth and rake it off. It’s very important to rake off the cuttings as it spreads the seeds for growth next year and removes the grass which, if left behind, would provide feed for the plants. Not a good thing for wild flowers but it does encourage nettles and goose grass. I know we are wild but we are a bit choosy!

We are seeing changes as the summer slips away. The bats are still about, and will be for a bit longer as long a the insects keep flying after dark. Very soon though the summer visitors (swallows etc.) will be off and replaced by our winter friends from the north (the fieldfares again). I know it is the same every year but somehow always new.

One good thing; soon the grass won’t need mowing, we stop in October and our super volunteer team can have a rest - we are very well served by them. Thanks team!

Time to dig the jumpers out of the drawer to keep us cosy and get the heating on. I hope you managed a bit of a holiday away and perhaps a paddle in the sea. Thanks for your support as always - do walk through the Churchyard when you can; it’s always good to see you.

Mike Porter
01926 624909

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