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Barford Cricket Club in action, on a Summer Sunday.


If you would like to find out more about Barford Cricket Club, please contact Sandy Peirson (01926 624145) or Richard Jones (01926 624173) or click here to visit the website.

We are a very friendly club and welcome new players of all ages and abilities, so please come along if you would like to get involved.

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The Group meets weekly every Friday at 6pm at St. Michael's Church Centre Car Park (and also some Sundays and some lunchtime midweek sessions on an adhoc basis).

Click here for our website for more info.

Routes take in the fantastic countryside around the parish of Budbrooke as well as tracks, country lanes leading further afield to Beausale, Kenilworth, Norton Lindsay, Hatton, Wedgnock. You will find details of recent routes and training sessions in the Blog section on the website.

Check out the images page to see pictures of the local area in which we run.

The run/ jog sessions are informal and can be varied to accommodate runners of different abilities. Just let us know how far you’d like to run and perhaps an idea on pace and we can incorporate into the plans for the weekly runs. Currently Friday sessions are shorter than the Sunday morning sessions – in which we extend routes to take in a wider area.

For more information, please call Anthony Morgan on 01926 403441 or 07526 573434.

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Orienteering is the fun outdoor sport of finding control points using a special map to navigate.

It is a sport that appeals to all ages and abilities, from toddlers to senior citizens.

Many orienteers are part of family groups.

The Warwickshire club is called Octavian Droobers, and more information can be found on their website.

If you would like to discuss orienteering in an informal way, your local contacts are John and Kath Wright on 01926 624088. They will be pleased to help you.

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  Cricket at The Oval, not Barford CC!

If you would like your sports club or facility in the area to feature on this page, please use the "Contact Us" link above to get in touch.