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If you are coming to the end of Year 6 then we would be delighted to see you at Chatroom.

This is a youth group for children aged 10½ to 14. The aim is to provide a safe and comfortable environment for members to have fun and the opportunity to put forward ideas, topics and issues that matter to them. Sponsored by the Parochial Church Council for any faith, denomination or culture, Chatroom meets on the third Sunday of each month in term time in Barford Parish Church, 6:00 pm to 7:30 pm .

We aim to cover a wide range of topics and activities, the choice of which will be up to the members of the group. Although topics will sometimes have a Christian emphasis, we welcome members, ideas and aspects of ALL cultures and faiths.

Our main aim is NOT to teach and preach but to provide an outlet for ideas, energy and enthusiasm from the young people involved.

  • Make new friends.

  • Talk about issues important to you.

  • Get involved in the community.

  • Drama workshops, games and activities.

  • Nights in, food nights, music nights (yes you can bring your own CDs), video evenings, noisy debates.

  • Trips out and about, cinema, bowling, laser quest, ice skating etc

  • Just chilling out after school and homework.

We aim to provide a cosy, comfy and informal atmosphere within the secure environment of Barford Parish Church.

Third Sunday in the month in term time.
6:00pm @ St Peter’s Church, Barford.

For more information contact Michael Ashton, or Chris Murphy on 624421.

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Who are we?

Michael Ashton is a "founder" leader of Chatrooom, he also happens to be the Bell Tower Captain and a member of St Peter's choir. Michael's main interest has got to be music, a bit of drams and having fun.

Chris Murphy is the other regular leader at Chatroom. Chris loves a bit of drama (as in the Barford Drams Group), her main obsession in life is skiing. Chris has been a Church Warden at St Peters and is very involved with a variety of projects in Barford.

In addition, there are a number of visiting leaders from the church congregations and the three Parishes. This allows a variety of activities to go ahead. Further information can also be obtained from David Jessett on 624238.

All leaders have CRB clearance or are supervised by another leader with full clearance.

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Chatroom @ St Peter's Chatroom @ St Peter’s is a different type of youth group.

It’s a forum for young people to have their say on issues that matter to them.

It meets on the first and third Wednesday of the month.