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Summer seems to have finally arrived in Barford. Many people (including your webmaster!) are on holiday, hence no new feature this month.

Enjoy the sun safely, at home and abroad, by following the advice in this short feature on Sun Safety Awareness

Lying in the sun can enjoyable , but too much, especially if you burn, may cause problems in later life. The growing numbers of people with skin cancer is alarming, with the number of new cases doubling since 1974 making it the second most common cancer in the UK.


Seek the shade - especially at midday when the sun is at its strongest
Hats on! Protect yourself by wearing a wide-brimmed hat and closely woven clothing and don't forget to wear sunglasses. (look for British Standard BS 2724: 1937)
Apply SPF 15 or higher on exposed skin - especially to lips, ears and bald patches. Limit exposure time and reapply sunscreen if swimming.
Don't burn - it won't protect you and it won't improve your tan.
Exercise care - always protect children as they are particularly vulnerable. Use high factor sunscreen and keep them covered. Babies should be kept out of the sun completely.

Looking out for symptoms

Freckles and moles are not unusual. But look out for any moles that change shape or colour, become bigger, itchy or inflamed, or that weep or bleed. If you do notice any change, seek advice from your doctor.

You can still enjoy the sun

Remember, feel good but be safe. The warmth from the sun can make us feel good, relaxed and happy. Enjoy these feelings, but without over-exposing yourself, by following the guidelines set out above.

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