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Joseph Arch


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Joseph Arch remembered, June 2003

Early in June, trades unionists from across the country came to Barford on their annual pilgrimage to remember Joseph Arch, the local man who founded the first union for farm workers. A couple of hundred members of the Transport and General Workers Union (T&G) came to pay their respects. Wreaths were laid on his grave in Barford churchyard, before a march and rally.

Peter Allenson, the T&G’s national secretary for agriculture, said, “His message still rings true today. Rural workers are not handed a living on a plate. We have to fight hard and campaign tirelessly in 2003 as we did in his day”. Rural Affairs Minister Alun Michael was among those who braved the June weather to join the rally.

William "Bill" Wilson, the former MP for Coventry South, who has looked after the grave for many years, also attended the event.

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