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Class 3 - "Our Settlement"

Pupils in Class 3 at Barford St Peter's Primary School have been combining their geographical and computer based skills. Their geography work during the Spring term was focussed on 'settlements.' This led to an investigation of the services in the settlement of Barford.The pupils, aged 7, 8 or 9, took the digital images themselves during walks around the village and then they researched the services - to the best of our knowledge the information was correct at the time of the project.

Barford boasts many more services than the ones we have highlighted, an investigation of this website will give you lots more  information about this thriving village. Pupils worked from the premise that they were introducing Barford to a new family who have moved into the area and then voted on which services they wanted to tell 'our new family' about. It should be noted that we also wanted to include Sherbourne Plant Nursery and the mobile library but unforeseen circumstances (a pupil being ill and a teacher being forgetful!) meant there are not included in this presentation.

We hope you enjoy looking at Class Three's work.

Kathryn Banbury and the pupils of Class 3

Click here or on the thumbnail image above to view the presentation.


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