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Barford people urge G8 leaders to Make Poverty History -
3rd July 2005

It may not have got as much publicity as the Live 8 concert but on Sunday 3rd July, Church members and other villagers wore something white and linked hands to make a white band all round the outside of Saint Peter's Church, Barford. It was our way of adding our voices to the Make Poverty History campaign which has been urging the G8 leaders to take action to bring an end to the poverty that causes thousands of children and adults to die needlessly every day in Africa and elsewhere.

Church people came dressed in something white for the 9.30 service and were joined by other villagers, also dressed in white, when they went outside at the end of the service to make their human white band around the church. Over 100 people then signed a petition which was sent to the Prime Minister with photographs of the human white band, ahead of the G8 summit at Gleneagles.

Revd David Jessett said, "I was very anxious that we wouldn't get enough people to go all the way round the church as it is quite a distance so it was really good that so many people came and joined in. The atmosphere was terrific and I think it showed the strength of feeling about this issue. I was particularly pleased that other people from the village joined in. It had a real feeling of the community uniting to express our horror at what happens every day around the world. I just hope that the G8 leaders will see how seriously people in their countries take this issue."

Members of Chatroom@StPeters - a church based youth group - had made sashes which were worn by people from other churches at Edinburgh during the great protest march on the Saturday of the Live 8 concert. (More people were on the march in Edinburgh than were in Hyde Park for the concert!)

The Make Poverty History campaign urges the G8 leaders to cancel Third world debt, to work to achieve more just trade rules and to provide more and better targetted aid.

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