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  Scarecrow Weekend


Who could have imagined when the idea was first suggested what an astonishing success the Scarecrow Weekend would be?  What was originally intended simply to be a bit of fun for the village ended up being a great day out for people from all over our region with literally thousands of people coming to look, and a grand total of just over £2,500 being raised for Church Funds.  (To put that in context we have to raise over £20,000 each year towards the Church of England’s cost for providing clergy and housing them etc. So it will be very helpful.)

The creativity of those who made Scarecrows was fantastic.  So ‘Thank you’ to all of you.  A particular mention is also needed for  all those who worked really hard over three days to provide lovely coffees, barbecue lunches and scrummy afternoon teas, and do all the washing up!  Then there are those who co-ordinated everyone’s efforts or did such good publicity (including Coventry and Warkwickshire Radio and Midlands Today on BBC TV).  Finally, to all of you who came searching for the Scarecrows, also ‘Many thanks’.

As a footnote, Celeste Lees’ was the form drawn out from all the complete ones and “Allotment Buddies” (number 35) was favourite scarecrow.

Rev David Jessett

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