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Traffic in Barford

Love us or hate us, we can't ignore you.

So, good or bad, let us know what you think about the website.

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Guest book archive....

Here's what visitors to the website before January 2003 said...

What a discovery! Congratulations to all those putting in the hours to build and maintain this informative and interesting site. At last I can keep in touch with recent developments at my birthplace without resorting to the scurrilous "edited" versions of my family! What a pity the photographs would not load into their larger versions for my album - I shall keep trying.

I would love to hear from any old Barfordians who remember me (1947 - 1967) and who would like to get in touch. Keep up the good work. Australia is watching.

(If you'd like to contact Clive, use the "Contact Us"link, and we'll pass your message on).

Clive Byerley, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. 31-Dec-2002

What a great web site! Really great to be able to find out all that is going on in Barford and some of those photos make me a little, not homesick as Canada has been my home for the past 26 years, but maybe a little "Barford sick"!

We live about 10 minutes outside Perth, a lovely town of stone buildings on the River Tay and near the Rideau Lakes systems. A small community too.

(If you'd like to contact Christine, use the "Contact Us" link, and we'll pass your message on).

Christine Edmundson, Canada, 28-Oct-2002

I think the web site is great!

Simon.McVeigh, Barford, 01-Oct-2002

Great site and so lovely to see Barford again. I linked from the Whitnash site as I am trying to contact the Steeds family, namely Mark, who owned a garage in Barford for about 25 years, approx 1960-85. Mr. Steeds was known as 'the Gaff' and they lived in a house next to the garage that used to be an old dairy years before. I noticed that a 'Steeds' was listed under monumental headings directory. If anyone could help me out it would be appreciated.

Thanks - keep up the good work. Regards

Andrea Witts (nee Taylor), Brisbane, Queensland, Australia.

Hello all in the delightful village of Barford. I have just returned to Perth, Western Australia after spending six wonderful weeks in Barford - staying with very old friends. I am very happy to say that I now have lots of new friends.

Also my heartiest congratulations to the cast and crew of Shakespeare Country, which I had the privilege to see on September 13th. Regards to all

Peter Ryan 20-Sep-2002

Hello from Doncaster, Lovely to catch up with Barford News. Makes me very nostalgic. Much love to everybody.

Mary Young, 03-Jul-2002

Many congratulations. Our website is excellent. I shall certainly visit it regularly.

Ann Watson, Barford, 26-Jun-2002

Congratulations and thanks for building such an excellent web site. I hope it will come in handy for people living here to keep in touch, especially for those that can't attend functions due to other commitments.

Solomon Williams, 11-Jun-2002

We are not on the internet ourselves, but we have just been shown the website and are very impressed with the range of information.

David and Audrey Ellis, 18-May-2002

Congratulations! A highly informative and impressive Web page.

John and Sally Savery, 16-May-2002

This is a really impressive start. The site is appealing to the eye and easy to navigate. The challenge now is to build the content, keep it fresh and up to date, and increase the number of first time and return visitors. Thank you for your efforts on behalf of the village. Good luck.

Councillor Richard Tamlin, Warwick District Council, Barford

Congratulations on a very good website. I will ensure a link is placed from the Leamington Courier's site. Best wishes.

John Howes, deputy editor, Leamington Courier, 13-May-2002

I would like to congratulate you and your team on an excellent web site. The layout, content and navigability are first class, I am sure it will be a great success.

Nick Ellis, Barford, 10-May-2002

Barford online - What a super site. I like it a lot. A challenge to our Wellesbourne site! All you have to do now is to keep it up to date.

If I had one complaint about yours it is The Typeface. A wee bit too small for reading comfort even when I'm set on Largest Font, and a bit sort of 'dotty' to look at. Can't you find something a bit more rounded and exciting?

Pam and Ted Copson, Wellesbourne, 03-May-02

Congratulations on a great looking website. It'll be nice to keep in touch with the village all the way from Saudi Arabia!

Philippa Hayward & Declan Tiernan, Saudi Arabia, 02-May-02

Brilliant stuff. I'm beginning to wish I lived in Barford. I haven't yet read every item but the range of content is very impressive. Wotalotofthingstochoosefrom !! Seriously a very good piece of work. Congratulations.

Ron Fawcett, 02-May-02

Your web pages look great!

Gail Frost, Sherbourne, 02-May-02

Just had a browse through your site, considering it's very new it is very good.

John Vincent, British Towns Network, 01-May-02

Congratulations on an excellent website!

Simon Clark, Barford, 01-May-02

Very pleased to see the Web-site up and running. I am sure we can make it a really useful place for sharing news and information.

Revd David Jessett, Barford, 30-Apr-02

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