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By using the “Small Ads” section you are confirming that you agree with the terms stated here. If you do not agree then please do not use the service. We cannot be held responsible for any adverts that are placed, nor can we verify the legitimacy of any adverts.

It is the buyer’s responsibility to verify that the advert placed is genuine and that the product description is true and correct. We will not be held responsible in any way for any matter concerning these adverts. We strongly recommend that you do not make arrangements to meet anyone without taking adequate measures to ensure your safety at such meetings.

By placing an advert you are stating that you are the legal owner or have permission from the legal owner to place such an advert. You are also agreeing that the description and details relating to the advert are true and correct and are an honest account of what is available. We reserve the right to remove any advert without notice or explanation at anytime.

The “Small Ads” section is intended for the Barford, Sherbourne and Wasperton areas, although we welcome any adverts from neighbouring areas. We do however reserve the right not to post adverts that are from an area that we feel is too distant and as such of no benefit to our community. We do NOT allow the posting of adverts that are for any commercial purpose, for instance... so called “Get Rich Quick” schemes or business opportunities.

Small ads will be removed from the website after three months unless the seller contacts the Webmaster to request further time.

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