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What's new ? The latest additions to the site

This is where we'll announce the most recent additions to our web site. If you've visited us before and want to know what's changed, take a look here first.

21.03.01 Book list up with illustrations. The stars ( out of 5 ) are purely subjective. Some books are probably out of print.
Another 5 new light folk songs added.
Work on new Thumb page and new Glossary terms. Kreutzer n15 trill with resolution notes finished. Vertical Finger action article posted. G major 4octave fingering for scale posted.
   Grade 1  Semitone exercise for young violinists.
    Two animations used thanks to my new web-cam. Scroll to the bottom of the détaché page and wait for the graphics to complete loading.
17:01:01   I have started using my old portable PC to record & playback the piano accompaniments .... All these files that I am quickly building up will be downloaded into a directory and users can download any for their own use. Look here for details.
16.01.01    Sarasate's in "humanized" midi form no longer on homepage - This is not as good as a live recording - the "expression" and rubato have been added with a mouse !
06:01:01    New Classical CD recommendation page with pictures and sound files. Superbly set out !
05:12:00    Links page updated. Bad links put in a section at the end. Also started Easy Studies ( grade 1 ) étude compilation for violin.
07.11.00   Light Folksongs from East Europe for Violin, Viola or Cello ( Easy )
04.10.00    8 Romantic Pieces for violin up and running. Grades 1 - 8 !
26.06.00    Today some midi accompaniment files for Wagon Wheels from Mr. Paul Wood arrived ( for Violin ).
30.05.00    In preparation for all hard working students : "Play by heart" - a great CD with a great collection of accompaniments for easy pieces from open strings to first position. Includes interviews with students !
04.04.00    Not much has been added due to flu and other aches and pains....due to cease tomorrow ! More will be added over the Easter Holidays. Some Grade1 accompaniment midi files have been added here ( at the bottom ) .
9.3.00 Wohlfahrt Op.45 n4 Allegretto study guide phrase by phrase. Also a Physiology facts page started. A link to ABRSM, The Associated Board Of The Royal Schools of Music ( Grade Exams )
1.3.00    The 10 most common mistakes - violin / viola ( under construction)
29.2.00  Fedorchenko : A selection of short studies by Russian and German Cellists ( for easy to intermediate pupils ). Very Short studies by young violin pupils for young violin pupils.
27.2.00 How to play easy 2 octave arpeggios on the violin. Home practice - stage 1 and stage 2. Pupil contact ( email ) page started ~ Get in touch with your friends.
26.2.00  Cello additions : How to hold the bow and Easy bowing exercises both for young Cellists. However, Intermediate Cellists may want to check these ! lastly "The Young Cellist" ; notes on a selection of easy pieces.
23.2.00 Another 20 midi files added to the violin accompaniment database 1 page. This completes all the accompaniments to the more useful pieces in "Stepping Stones". There are about 4 pieces I do not teach from this book ( still....not bad out of 26 ! ). There is now a jokes page.
16.2.00 Another 20 pieces for the Young Violinist and Wohlfahrt Op.45 study guide started.
13.2.00 Added over 50 midi accompaniment files to the violin accompaniment database 1 page.
10.2.00 In preparation : The Young Violinist : Pieces to play and Kreutzer study guide
8.2.00 Easy midi accompaniments for violinists and cellist - Practice with your PC ! Just click on the pieces and get ready to play.
7.2.00  Intermediate violinists wanting a daily left hand warm up exercise may want to see this Exercise by  Leonard
2.2.00 Article "how to hold the violin and bow for beginners" has been slightly updated, and a new page with beginner repertoire is in preparation.


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