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    Acupuncture is a traditional method of healing that was developed by the Chinese around 4,000 years ago.   It has progressed into a complete system of healing, encompassing Traditional Chinese Medicine.

    Acupuncture is the use of very fine needles to pierce the skin at the Acupuncture points.   These points can also be used for assessing the function of the body also, as in the BEST system screening tests.

    Acupuncture points are arranged on ‘channels’ of energy or meridians that follow specific paths along the surface of the body.   They correspond to different organs or systems, for example the Liver meridian, or Large Intestine meridian.   This is the body’s way of carrying energy to those particular parts of the body.

    Symptoms are caused when there is an imbalance in the flow of energy along the meridian, with an increase in the amount of energy in inflammatory conditions and a decrease in degenerative conditions.   Traditional Chinese Medicine provides a system of diagnosis based purely on the flow of energy in various parts of the body, the organs and the meridians.

    Acupuncture helps to balance this flow of energy, promoting harmony and well being in the various systems, and alleviating symptoms.

    Who Should Have Acupuncture?

    Acupuncture is available to most people, and many would benefit from the treatment.

    Almost any health condition or symptom will benefit from Acupuncture treatment, and it is particularly suitable for

    • painful conditions
    • hormonal problems
    • digestive symptoms
    • stress or anxiety
    • skin conditions
    • … and many others

    How Is It Done?

    Following an initial consultation, a course of treatment will be recommended.

    During each treatment session, which lasts for around 20 – 30 minutes, a number of very fine needles are placed in a series of Acupuncture points.   The needles remain in place for the duration of the treatment session.

    Acupuncture points may be used on the body, or occasionally in the ear.   Ear Acupuncture in fact may be used to treat many condition affecting the whole body, as in the ear, as in the feet in Reflexology, points are found to reflect the whole body.

    When the needles are inserted, many people do not feel anything very much, or may sometimes feel a small sharp sensation.   This is often followed by a feeling of heaviness, numbness, heat, or some other sensation.   It varies from person to person.

    Only on very rare occasions is the treatment painful, and most have a pleasant sensation during and following treatment that justifies the whole process.   It is also a very relaxing treatment on the whole, and patients often feel calmer and more balanced following treatment.

    How Effective is the Treatment?

    The treatment is usually very effective.   It leaves you feeling more balanced and more relaxed.   Patients often have more restful sleep the night after a treatment.

    In terms of relieving any symptoms, the effect will vary from person to person, but you should expect to follow a course of treatment for any prolonged benefit to emerge.  

    A course of treatment – which usually is carried out weekly – will last for around 10 – 12 weeks, although it is possible to increase the interval between treatments at some stage.

    In our experience, we have seen certain conditions cleared completely within a 2 – 3 week period of Acupuncture treatments, although results will normally take a little longer than this.

    Specific advice regarding the expected duration of treatment and the likely results will be discussed with your practitioner during your treatment session.

    Are There Any Adverse Effects?

    Occasionally people feel very relaxed after treatment, and if they have a particularly busy and stressful life then this will be enhanced.   The body is trying to tell them to slow down, and the Acupuncture enhances this message.

    In this particular situation it is advisable to rest following treatment for a period of 30 – 60 minutes prior to any heavy physical activity, or even driving or operating machinery.

    Occasionally the Acupuncture points will bruise following treatment, but this is usually minor and is not painful.   It is the effect of the needle on the tissues, and will resolve in a few days to a week or so.

    How Much Does it Cost?

    Acupuncture is available at Better Health Clinic, Chester, with an experienced practitioner.   The current cost at time of printing is 28 per session (56 for first session), but is subject to change without notice, so please contact us for current prices.   A reduced rate may be applied if a course of treatment is pre-booked.

    Further charges apply for any further consultations, tests or treatments, and these will be discussed with you fully as necessary.

    Don’t forget however that we always offer a FREE INITIAL CONSULTATION.

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    What our patients say...

    " My arthritis has improved so much I still can't quite believe it, particularly my knees, which have been getting steadily worse for the last twenty years."

    - KS, Chester.


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