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    Moxa Therapy is often used with Acupuncture, as part of Traditional Chinese Medicine.   It originated alongside Acupuncture many thousands of years ago.

    However, Moxa Therapy can also be used alone, without Acupuncture.   Moxa is a Chinese herb that is burnt over Acupuncture points, and is a method of increasing heat in the body, increasing energy, and of eliminating cold and damp in the body.

    Who Should Have Moxa Therapy?

    It is useful in a number of conditions, and in a number of cases we advise its use following a screening test using the BEST system, which has indicated low energy in the meridians.    Moxa Therapy is the best way of increasing the amount of energy in the meridians, and hence the whole body.

    How Is It Done?

    Moxa, as used by Better Health at our Clinic, and at other Clinics we visit, is used alone, without Acupuncture, and is used over the umbilicus - or belly button.

    A cone of moxa is placed on the umbilicus over a thin layer of salt.   The moxa is then lit and it burns slowly generating heat.   The salt prevents the heat causing burns to the skin.

    Moxa Therapy usually takes around 10 - 30 minutes, depending on the number of moxa cones used in the session.   It is a comfortable sensation and usually very relaxing.

    A course of Moxa Therapy will usually take 6 - 12 weeks, with weekly sessions.

    How Effective is the Treatment?

    The treatment is usually very effective, but it does take time to build up its effect.

    The time taken will vary from person to person, but you should expect to see some changes within the first few weeks.   It will take longer to see lasting improvements, and you should realistically allow 10 - 12 weeks to assess the effectiveness of the treatment adequately.

    Specific advice regarding the expected duration of treatment and the likely results will be discussed with your practitioner during your treatment session.

    Are There Any Adverse Effects?

    The treatment is usually very relaxing.   Occasionally some people with feel very relaxed, even tired and light-headed after a treatment session.   In this case we usually advise that you rest after your treatment session for 15 - 20 minutes before rushing off out of the Clinic.

    Other than this there are very few other adverse effects.

    How Much Does it Cost?

    Moxa Therapy costs 25 at the Better Health Clinic, Chester, but charges may vary at other Clincs we visit.

    Further charges apply for any further consultations, tests or treatments, and these will be discussed with you fully as necessary.

    Don’t forget however that we always offer a FREE INITIAL CONSULTATION.

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