Greek Architecture

Greek architecture in Bedford, England

First stop: The Harpur Centre, Harpur St

The doric columns, complete with accurate entablature - ie triglyph with guttae below, are centred over the columsn, with the slight offset necessary at a corner. There are empty metopes between the triglyphs. There is no entasis on the columns, of course, and they are plastered and painted concrete, not marble. The fluting, however, is accurate.

Those enteriClick for more on this temple.ng Bedford public library, as it was until the late 1960s, would very much have had the sensation of approaching a Greek tetrastyle (4-columned) temple. It's now the portal to the "Harpur Suite" - a concert hall/ ballroom, still the grandest venue in Bedford. Compare the hexastyle temple in Agrigento, Sicily.

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