Web design & hosting

For small Classical organisations

I am offering to design and host a website for any small Classical organisation that would like one - and provide links and publicity for it on The Classics Pages.

Examples might be bookshops, classical societies, schools, organisations offering tuition, courses or visits - anything that is trying to add to the influence of Classics. Sites selling goods and sevices would be welcome, although I don't envisage setting up database-driven or e-commerce sites!

"The Romans" was a successful and ambitious project, and I wouldn't necessarily agree to anything that big, but, along with the Classics Pages themselves, it will give you some idea of the sort of design and technical expertise that I can bring to bear!

In the first place email me with an outline of what you'd like - if I agree to help, I'll then obviously need your content to work with - including text, pictures etc. Textual content should be in .txt format. Word .doc files and other proprietary word-processor output are to be avoided. Pictures should be .jpg, and below 500mb in size - but within that, the best quality image available.

This is a genuine offer, and there will be no cost to you for the design or the hosting (uploading it to the internet). Email can be forwarded from the site, if you wish. If you want to use your own domain name you can - or I can register one for you (at a small cost).

Once your site is up and running, you will be able to have an update not more frequently than once a month, unless you can make a very good case.

I reserve the final decision about what goes up on the site - and likewise to remove anything should it appear necessary. Copyright of all material remains with you.

Some I prepared earlier:

Leeds Centre for Classical Studies

Athens of the North