The Maths-Classics project

Assignment 5

The Greeks

There were many famous Greek Mathematicians. Write briefly about the following men: the information in brackets may help you.

PYTHAGORAS     ( theorem )


EUCLID     ( measuring the width of a river )


ARCHIMEDES     ( heureka ( which is the proper Greek word, rather than eureka!), principle, screw )


ERATOSTHENES ( circumference of the earth, sieve )


Draw each of the following . Find out the literal meaning and explain how the mathematical meaning has developed.


1. trapezium ( literally means 'table shape', why maths meaning? )


A fish called Rhombus!2. rhombus


3. isosceles triangle


4. parallel lines


5. parallelogram


6. sphere


7. pyramid


8. tetrahedron


9. cone


10. cylinder


11. prism


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