The Republic 1

“We'd all be bad if we could get away with it!”

A  visit by Socrates to the Piraeus leads to a discussion at the house of Cephalus - a very old wealthy immigrant arms-manufacturer - on the subject of Justice: i.e how is the good man supposed to behave? The Greek word for "good" (agathos) implies "good at doing something". (A good pen is one that does its job. It writes. A good man is good at doing whatever it is that a man is supposed to do! )

T hree popular definitions are brought up -


Socrates demolishes all the arguments - but Glaucon (one of Plato's brothers who was present at this fictitious discussion) doesn't believe that Thasymachus's argument has really been refuted: what is the point in being good?

Plato's Republic : Part 1/01

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