The Republic

“It does pay to be just, but it's hard to see how”

FFinally Socrates moves to define his "Ideal Polis". By outlining a community (polis) in which Justice must play a major part, he will prove that "justice pays".

The Ideal State

It's been hard to see what Justice is in an individual - perhaps if we used a magnifying glass (Plato compares it to using big writing when you start to read) we'd be able to see it.

There's the ideal polis done! It's small and dead simple. You'd only need a few citizens, and they would live a satisfying but simple life, sharing their labour and their produce.

Note that Plato makes two assumptions that you may well disagree with:

  1. The polis is a citizen enlarged.
  2. One man can only do one job.

These two ideas are never questioned, but the whole argument depends on them.

Plato's Republic : Part 2


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