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 Season 1999/2000

Last Game on 99/2000

Newcastle Win their last game of the season 4 - 2 against Arsenal, report is here

Transfer news

Latest transfer speculation at Newcastle is here.

Next Season

Ticket prices have been announced, I've made the pricing a bit clearer than the official site. (I Think) ST JAMES' 2001

News Search

The very latest Newcastle news, provided by News Now


Newcastle outplay the blues at Wembley, but it's goals that count. The Rik report is here

Site of the season

The NTLSPORTS soccer site of the season has been decided, and guess who won? See the site of the season here

Letters Page

More E mails about next seasons seating arrangements and THAT new black shirt and do you think the season over? LETTERS PAGE.

Team Twaddle.99/2000 main stories

  Stephan Schwarz wants out of sunderland. NTL buy into more clubs and Beckhams hair style,.... WHY? all the latest on National Team Twaddle. Local news on TEAM TWADDLE (North East)

The Dyer slur

 Keiron Dyer in" Three in a bed romp?" The Cyprus Porno video here soon. (Howay Frank send it will ya?)


You could have WON N A SIGNED NUFC football shirt, in a free to enter competition for NUFC experts. ( For 3 months I tried to give it away, but no one could get all the questions right)

THE Game of the 99/2000 season

A report from a Man U fan on her day out (it made me laugh)Salford Lass describes us as slavering Neanderthals in our 3 - 0 win over the treble champions Riks Virtual MATCH REPORT is here.

The Picture that summed it all up.

Bart is a Toon fan.

That Goal.

Large Duncan's Goal of the season is here (650k Mpeg)

The Robson Interview

 Bobby Robson talks about, life the universe and Brittany Spears in a 30 minute interview with local radio presenter Tony Horne. (requires real audio)

Latest Injuries

Who's in and out this week? find out on the Injuries page


"ARE YOU A MAKEM IN DISGUISE ? take the test"

Match Reports 99/2000

Home games were Here ...and Away games were Here

I'll be starting again fairly soon, Do you want to submit reports, if so mail me?

New Shirt

The Black away shirt , vidoe taken inside the Adidas factory.

Unusual Pictures

 Some shots of our growing number of South Americans

Life after football

What are they doing now? is there "Life after football"

and for the Girlies

A page with Balls" and A Horoscope page.

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SportsOnly NUFC alternative Forum

Players to interest Bobby Robson in 1999/2000 wereHelder , Gavilan, Chilavert, Bassedas, Gamarra , Hutchison, Prutton Kevin Gallagher and Lua Lua. But funds were not forthcoming NTL did release funds at the end of the season.




Match reports were split in two this season. ONE report from each game will be featured on either the Home or Away reports pages. These will be written by the fans who have posted them on Toonworld Match reports forum, (ToonWorld Link below) You need to E mail me for a password to post, although any one can of course read the reports , comments and views of others




For a directory of NUFC fans on-line Visit

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For themed message boards and chat pages.

Miscelaneous ITEMS

The most controversial pages on this web site ... are EVER, Find out the truth about the Alex Ferguson bung scandal, as revealed by G****n Stachan. Who is the gay player about to come out. Find out How much Shearer really is paid, AND SEE page 3's Jordan COMPLETELY NAKED romping with a premiership player. Click here to View, UNDERCOVER SOCCER REVELATIONS


The NUFC player of the 1999/2000 season

 Who won each of the 15 categories ?

 The voting forms can be viewed here

 Predictions for the 99/2000 season Mysic Mag's pedictions

Stars of the future Michael Chopra ?

A virtual tour of the New ST James' park has been provided by the official site , which is rather good.

Remember Ruud Gullit? Gazza and the Pizza girl that they both shagged? (allegedly)well the conclusion to the story is here

 Do you remember the good old days when I were a lad?

EX Newcastle player ticket Tout scandal, we name names... Full Story here .

 Plans for the new bigger (TYNE BRIDGE) Wembley. were unveiled, but they may have to be changed again.

 what do you do if you see someone wearing a Man U shirt in New Zealand? FIND OUT HERE.

Sky Digital. which continues to disappoint me,

Try the Click here Competition, so far only 14 correct entries in 10 months.

Fun Stuff

 A dozen pages of fun and games from a Newcastle fan (ME) that likes to take the piss out of our unfortunate cousins from doon the road. Stop whinging , maKems, It's just a joke, I love you really.


Mystic mag

Click here for the origional Real Video link

Match Predictor

football versions of the song.

(right) download the Bill and Monica song.

OTHER DOWNLOADS ARE ON THE eXe Files downloads page,


Whitley Bay

Have you been away from Tyneside for too long and need a reminder of home? Or, are you a supporter of Newcastle United from overseas that has never been here? Perhaps you are even a foreign football player thinking of coming to Geordieland to play for the Toon and want to see what it's like first? Well I have over 200 pictures of Newcastle and the surrounding area which will show you , if you didn't already know that this area is one of the most beautiful parts of Britain .( Click on one of the images )


ST James's Park, latest pictures. Pictures of St James' park during construction.

We also have pictures of the new Tyneside sculpture taller than the Angel of the North. CLICK HERE

Bobby Robson factfile is here

The Bobby Robson FactFile is here

Click here to visit the Wembley 2003 site.Wembley and The latest plans have not been approved as the Government says that it can't be used for Athletics...Athletics? who watches athletics?. It's not a Athletics stadium , It's a FOOTBALL Stadium. I say put some seats and a running track inside the Millennium Dome, and leave Wembley as a football stadium. Click on the picture to find out about the inspiration behind the plans for NEW WEMBLEY by the man who designed it, Gateshead born architect Lord Foster


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Rik is fluent in seventeen languages, Unfortunately none of them English, I do my best, but please excuse my poor spelling. This page is now available in 5 languages.

Lorn Geordie

The best NUFC website







CLICK here ,,,if you dareEXCLUSIVE photo's that shocked Germany, photos that no English tabloid dare show, The photos that made Beckham furious, Victoria , Brooklyn and David Beckham on holiday in the south of France.

To Promote Women's football, the Australian women's football team have come up with a unique idea, getting there kits off for the lads" Well I can promote that... so coming soon The "MATILDA's"

To view something extremely titillating click on Deb

Click here only if you are over 18 and use netscape

 Last seasons Predic T IT girls are still here Previous weeks Predict it girls will all be here fairly soon in a 1999 / 2000 season Calender that you can cut and paste from this website.




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