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Viola section
The 10 Most Common Errors - violin / viola
Light Folksongs from East Europe
Playing at the heel
Student Picture Database
How to find us - 52 Kellaway Ave.
Comments on our site
Latest News Page - What's new ?
Books on Music and Stringed Instruments Westbury Park Strings
Thumb and bowhold
String Technique Glossary
Left Hand Horizontal Finger action
Left hand Finger patterns
Kreutzer étude n15
Vertical finger action
The G major 4 octave scale in various fingerings
Semitone Exercise for Grade 1 pupils
Bowing Strokes - detache
Classical Music
Easy Studies for Violin
Mazas Op 36 Études Index
Mazas étude n1
Mazas étude n2
Mazas étude n3
Mazas étude n5
Mazas étude n6
Mazas étude n7
8 Romantic Pieces for Violin
Wagon Wheels - jazzy accompaniments by P.Wood
The Young Violinist : Pieces to play
Wohlfahrt étude n4
Physiology Facts
Fedorchenko - Study Book for young Cellists
Very Short Violin Studies
How to play easy 2 octave arpeggios on the violin
Home practise stage 1
Home practise stage 2
WPS pupils email list
Bowholds for Young Cellists
Cello bowing : easy images to help you bow
The Young Cellist
Jokes - musical and non !
Wohlfahrt 60 Studies Op. 45 - A Study guide
Wohlfahrt étude n1 & n2
Wohlfahrt étude n3
Wohlfahrt étude n6
Midi accompaniments for easy violin pieces
Your first 14 pieces - music and comments followed by notes
Elephant Parachutist resource page
Midi accompaniments for easy cello pieces
Leonard left hand exercise
Getting Started - tips on posture
Just a few more pictures on posture for beginners
Westbury Park Staff
Roland Herrera
Simonetta Barone
Dmitri Shishlov
Alexander Zioumbrovsky
An informal interview with Roland and Simonetta
Take a Tour of Westbury Park Strings
Roland's Hobby page
Roland's Amateur Astronomy page
OMC 140 Telescope and Binoculars
My Astronomy books & software
Practical Astronomy - Make a start !
A Practical Astronomy Primer by Roland Herrera
Calendar of Astronomical Events
Amateur Astronomy Quiz 1 - easy
Amateur Astronomy Quiz 2 - medium
Amateur Astronomy Quiz 3 - hard
Amateur Astronomy Quiz 1 2 3 answers
Astronomy Links on the web
Orion Optics GP 250
The WPS recommended list of DVD and CD recordings
LEGO Mindstorms page
Roland's Artwork page
Welcome to Westbury Park Strings message
Local news for Students and Readers of WPS
What can you expect from this site ?
WPS Back to school  - Essays and articles
Violin essays - Westbury Park Strings
Violin Easy level
12 Russian Violin Pieces A Selection of pieces
Garlitzky and Nikolic easy violin music
Violin Intermediate level
Mangeot on Changing Position
Some rough notes on posture
Violin Advanced level
Fingering and Intonation by Yampolsky
Leopold Mozart on the right hand index finger and the bow hold
Tartini on sound, The technique of the right hand
All about violin strings - opinions
My 183 Recordings of Fritz Kreisler
Cello essays - Westbury Park Strings
Emanuel Feuermann
Hints on how to hold the cello
Romberg and Cello history
General essays for string players - WPS
Buying an Instrument - some advice
The Bridge
Books on String Pedagogy
Advice for Students
Charles Dancla : His life & times
An old collection of questions dated 2nd June 1998
Bowing patterns for scales
Leopold Auer on open strings for beginners
The St. Petersburg String School - A tribute
Tonus and Other Matters
Tonus right hand tone production - more on this subject
Tonus Questions and feedback
Leonid Kogan A Tribute
Violinist composers - history
Tuning your instrument
Some Ideas on Practice Version 1
Leopold Auer on Style
All about Bows
Best classical CDs to listen to
WPS Lessons and other services
Online Courses with study notes
The Violin Étude ( Study ) page
Rode's caprice n8
Dancla studies Op 73 - quick study guide
Charles Dancla : Easy Studies Opus 84
Kreutzer study guide
Pierre Rode
Franz Wohlfahrt Elementary Studies Op54
WPS Feedback Page
WPS Table of Contents Page


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